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1. Jason “never deliberately hurt anyone and what laws he broke were negligible.” Is this enough to have a clear conscience?
I think this is not enough to have a clear conscience. If somebody had been hurt due to a person’s mistake but not deliberately, or the person didn’t want to hurt anyone, but when he faced to choose between personal benefit and other peoples’ life, he chose the first one. In this situation, this person still has the responsibility to others. On the other hand, laws are always laws. Everyone should limit personal behavior no matter the law is important or negligible.
2. In Jason’s first dream he has to decide between doing nothing and letting a dozen teenagers die or diverting the train that will now kill one person.
Jason had very short time to think about this question, and finally he preferred to divert the train to save the dozen teenagers, which is the larger number. I think if I were Jason, I would do the same thing.
3. In making life and death decisions, does it matter who the people are who will die? Does it matter what they are doing or why they are there? What other factors may go into making this decision?
It doesn’t matter that who the people are who will die. In making life and death decisions, everyone is the same. Nobody is more important than others. Everyone’s life is precious. It also doesn’t matter what they are doing or why they are there because they already there, and the most important factor is that which way we can use to save people’s life as much as we can.
4. Jason is changed by 9/11. He says that his non-violence had been “a rationalization for his cowardice.” Do you agree? Do you think his change was for the better?
I cannot totally agree with his point. I agree that he want to move to the dorm, stay away from his neighborhood for avoiding, is kind of cowardice, and he use non-violence as an excuse. But it…...

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