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The Dark Side of Poe

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The Dark Side of Poe Edgar Allen Poe took romanticism to the next level by inadvertently helping to create Dark (Gothic) Romanticism. Poe was not a big writer in America because people in America did not appreciate his writings at that time, but in France he was one of the biggest writers. “Even though many contemporaries in America did not appreciate his work, Poe was hailed as a genius in circles of French intellectuals” (Grieneisen 22). Dark Romanticism helped people let go of the things that were bottled up on the inside. Poe’s interest into the dark side of writing probably came about to try and intrigue Americans to get behind him and his writings. The creation of monsters, vampires, werewolves, etc. was a way for writers and readers to let out their inner “demons.” Romanticism is based on emotion, nature, and the human psyche among other things. Romanticism came at a time where people needed an outlet for additional forms of entertainment. Before romanticism most writings were based off of things people believed whole heartedly in or everyday life. There were the normal forms of entertainment, i.e. music, art, and plays, but nothing that a person could truly make their own. With romanticism people could use their imagination to evoke their emotions and become connected with the work. Edgar Allen Poe used emotion, imagery, and medicine to explore the dark side of Romanticism. Poe dealt with a lot from the beginning of his life. At the age of one his father disappears and his mother dies. He is then placed in the home of his grandparents and they all move to Great Britain. Poe has dealt with all of this before the age of twenty and has also joined the Army after a fight with his grandfather. While in the Army Poe starts to publish his works and eventually gets out of the Army. His grandfather passes away and does not leave Poe anything. Poe eventually gets…...

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