The Blood of Dresden

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The Blood of Dresden

In Kurt Vonnegut's Essay "The Blood of Dresden" there are multiple times where, even though he was a prisoner of war, he could see the beauty of the city he was captured in. He was able to come to love the city of Dresden and "saw the blessed wonder of her past and the rich promise of her future." He goes of to tell us how it was bombed, how this beautiful city was reduced to crushed stone and embers by bombs dropped wide of stated objectives. That we lost generations of German children whether they were future enemies or not, cannot be justified. That he saw this war as "obscene brutality." He saw this first hand because Vonnegut was one of the many men who pulled out the dead of Dresden out of the shambles of rubble. He was the one who brought them to a funeral pyre, a technique that was long abandoned. The Americans did indeed learnt how to "kick a man below the belt and make him scream"

Vonnegut saw that the bombing of Dresden was an awful event, even him being a POW. He said that it was once a tourists paradise because it was one of the world's most lovely city. He goes on to paint this image of Dresden as pleasant, honest, and intelligent civilisa-tion. In the shadow of the Hitler regime it flourished with countless unwarlike countenance. Being a POW you'd expect him to have some resentment towards the city, but he knew this city and people did not deserve the destruction it succumbed to by the saturation bombings. The implications of this war were the 100,000 noncombats of which were innocent women and children.…...

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