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Descriptive Paragraph – Final Template
Step 5: Descriptive Paragraph Final Draft

Directions: Turn off the “Track Changes” feature. Copy and paste your edited draft. Select the entire paragraph and choose “Accept Changes” if the document does not automatically make the changes for you. Save the changes to this document; save it as “Descriptive Paragraph Assignment.” Then use the link provided in Blackboard to submit the document to your instructor. I like to ride my pony Lollabye.I like to brush his tail and get grass out of it.He has the markings of a brown and white paint and on his face a little cute star on his fore head. When I am with my pony I feel real happy about life. I like the way when it feels when I ride him I am special. I sometimes ride him through the grape vineyards along besides my parents’ house. I like to gallop and go fast through the rows one by one. I like to gallop through the pastures and get grapes as a walk down the fence line back to the gate. One time I was riding lullaby going real fast through the field he bucked and I almost fell off. I remember I was hanging on to his mane and reigns so tight I felt the burn of my skin blister. Holding on for dear life. I finally got him to pull back and slow down into a trot and then a complete stop. I was holding him stopped. In the fist of my hands one on top of each other. I remember looking in between lullabies ears straight forward so I did not look around and loose balance with the saddle. One ear was going one way. The other one was going the opposite direction. That was the least of my worries at the least of my worries at the time. I was just trying to stay and grab the saddle and stay on.

Honor StatementRead and sign this honor statement prior to submitting your assignment:By typing my name in the space provided, I certify that all words and ideas in my writing…...

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...down his chest, stomach and onto the ground. I then took of my thong slowly and I layed on the floor rubbing my clit, making slight moans. then i went over to him and finally kissed him and unlocked the cuffs. he literally jumped out of his seat. I let him un buckle my bra and his hands stroked them. he sucked on them. then he kneeled down to lick my pussy. I made sounds enjoying the warm sensation. he swiftly picked me up and put me on his bed. I helped unbutton his shirt and pants. He then put himself in me and we kissed as if there was no tommorow. I let him touch and lick every part of me. I heard his moans and whispers of my name as i reached his hands and cupped them over my boobs. i stroked his penis and whispered "this is the best time" his grunting signified that he agreed as he whispered back, "i love you"...

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...after considering and carefully selecting from other techniques such as interviews, observations and combination of both questionnaire and interview. A questionnaire is considered to be the best tool because questionnaire are relatively quicker and easier to create, code and interpret. In addition, we are able to contact large numbers of respondents easily and efficiently. This is also one of the methods providing us with most reliable data. Our questionnaire is designed with four parts. The first part is to identify the difficulties of students in managing time. The second part is to find out the popular reasons by seeking the respondents agreement to our suggestive options. Besides, two questions in the part three give the importance of controlling the time effectively. Finally, the forth part gives possible solutions to help control the time. To collect the data to do the research, we delivered 50 copies of questionnaire to 50 students from different classes. They were all second-year English Department students. We conducted the survey among second- year students because they are more mature than the first-year students and not too busy like the students in the last semesters. In addition, they are also familiar with studying environment at university. After a quite long learning time, whether they can find out methods to balance their lives between studying and other activities. Before carrying out the real survey, we had a sample in one of our class for one day. We......

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...HOURS A WEEK WISELY Time or the lack of time is a major problem for many college students. The week won't expand to 200 hours, so it's up to you to make your activities fit the time you have. Follow these directions and use the calendar on the other side to analyze your time use and find some solutions. About 100 of the 168 hours are taken up with sleeping, eating, personal care, travel, chores, religious activities, and some leisure time.            TOTAL THE HOURS ALLOWED FOR CLASS, STUDY, WORK, AND OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES. EXAMINE YOUR SCHEDULE AS IT IS           FIRST, FILL IN MAJOR COMMITMENTS AND PERSONAL TIME: Pencil in all your class times, work hours, and other regular commitments such as meetings and practices. Allow for travel times. Allow time to shower, eat meals, do laundry, shop for groceries, etc. REMEMBER TO ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO SLEEP! If you consistently try to get by on less then 7 hours of sleep per day, you may risk your physical health and undermine everything else. It's true-- you should allow about two hours of study time for every hour you spend in class. A 5-credit math or science class requires ten hours a week to read, study, and do homework problems. Schedule study and review times as soon after classes as possible. Allow study time every day for difficult subjects. Study specific subjects at specific times- math at 2 on Sunday. Try to study at the times of day that are best for you. If you are at your best in the morning,......

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...would be hard working, honest, teamwork and intelligent. These are the four biggest things I believe a company must look for in the people they are hiring because together they make an unstoppable force with ambition and intellectual moves other companies may have not even thought of yet. Hard working is an important value to have because you want your company to be continuously improving. Your company will not improve if you have slackers all around. Back in the day if someone had ganggreen they would chop off the part of the body they had it on in order to preserve the rest of the body. I see slackers similar to gang green. Even if they make a contribution every once and a while they are still hurting the company by not trying all the time. In this case you let that person go in order to find someone that is willing to put forth the effort. Honesty is my personal favorite value because without it nothing functions. If say we knew our government was lying to us and they openly admitted to it our country would fall into chaos because of the instability we would lack. This goes the same way in any company, without honesty from your employees and even better without honesty from your employers there will forever be instability and with that the ability to work. but with honesty the positives are endless. Having honesty within the workplace can create happiness and trust. Trust is used between coworkers in order to create an idea into something grand. Teamwork is big if you......

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...By Ali Hale We all have times of day when we can race through our to-do list, concentrate effortlessly, and produce our best work. And we all have times of day when we just want to slump on the sofa and watch something mindless on the television. Here's how to figure out when you study best, so that you can plan your studying for your most effective hours. Studying when you're on tip-top form will make your day go much more smoothly. 1. Experiment with studying at different times of day Even if you think you're a night owl or a morning lark, try studying at hours that you wouldn't normally work. If you tend to wake up s-l-o-w-l-y and rarely do anything but drink coffee and surf the 'net until midday, try starting studying as soon as you're dressed, for a change. If you never work after dinner, try making an essay plan at ten pm. You may well just confirm your suspicions that you study best at a specific time - but you might also surprise yourself! 2. Keep a "study log" for a few days Once you've got a feel for the times when you think you study well, start keeping a log for a few days. It's up to you how you do this, but one simple method is to grab a sheet of paper for each day and divide it up like this: • 8am - 10am • 10am - 12noon • 12noon - 2pm • 2pm - 4pm • 4pm - 6pm • 6pm - 8pm • 8pm - 10pm (Obviously, jiggle the times around a bit if you get up at 6am or if you're never in bed before 2am...) As you go through the day, jot down what you're doing during...

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