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Tesco Marketing Strategy

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Tesco Marketing Strategy
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The concept of Marketing is continuously evolving. Advancing technologies such as internet and mobile communications has led to a situation where customers are demanding one-to-one relationship, even though organizations do not have the resources to cope with this. Tesco UK, to further improve its market size and profitability, needs to bring about revised marketing programme elements, a few of which has been mentioned below (Tenson et al, 2004).

The revised marketing programme elements look at each aspects of the Marketing Mix individually. The 4 P’s of the Marketing mix are product, price, promotion and place.


Tesco has a broad range of products and should now consolidate on the present range rather than go for expanding the range. This is because, in the year 2009, Tesco had to recall a number of products because of quality lapse. The company recalled its 567 gms cans of value beans and sausage because number of these cans had pieces of plastic in them. Also, Tesco admitted that its fresh and easy brand chilli lemon flavoured pistachio nuts had salmonella contamination. There was another scare that Rio Patio set chair can collapse under certain conditions and therefore Tesco had to issue a product recall advisory. These kinds of quality lapse will not only discourage consumers from buying products at Tesco but will also damage the brand that has build over the years and cause considerable financial loss if consumers go ahead and sue the company. Therefore, it is necessary that the company relook at the…...

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