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COMM/FILM/PCUL 2F00: New Media Literacy


Monday, June 20th at 11:45 p.m.


For this assignment you will write an editorial response to Jon Ronson‟s piece, “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco‟s Life.”1


750-1000 words


The purpose of the assignment is to compose a persuasive response to
Ronson‟s piece based on your opinion and with support from facts. It is an exercise in concise and persuasive writing.


Upload your assignment via Sakai. Go to „Assignment Submission &
Feedback‟, click on Assignment 2, and click „Add Attachments‟. You will upload your assignment as a single file.


ALL files must be uploaded as either a .doc or a .pdf file.
Mac users: - you can convert a Pages document into a word .doc by going to the menu bar and choosing: „File‟ – „Export‟– „Word‟
Files that cannot open and/or incorrect files will receive a grade of 0.
We will not be tracking down assignments.
Check and double check to ensure that the file is attached and the correct file was submitted. After submitting, definitely review your submission so you can see/confirm the file was submitted.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have uploaded your file into Sakai. You have a maximum of 5 re-submission attempts
BEFORE the deadline passes.
Late assignments will receive a grade of 0.
Assignments sent via e-mail will receive a grade of 0.


What is an editorial?

Generally speaking, an editorial is a letter or an opinion published in a newspaper.

Editorials can be written about anything and from any standpoint. A strong editorial incorporates facts to support opinions.


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...Technology has made life easier for people and it is now becoming something that people rely on too much. In today’s world technology is seen everywhere you go, you can see it in a workplace, schools, public places and in our homes. Technology is a great thing as long as people remember to use it as a tool and not a way of life. Because people rely on technology, it has caused problem like loss of work, vehicle accidents, and lack of proper communication. People should know how to live without fully relying on technology and sadly, not many do know how to live without it. People will argue that technology is the future and that people need to know how to use it to live. Workplaces will argue that technology has improved productivity and reduced costs. Schools will argue that technology has made learning easier for most students and it is something they need to learn to be ready for life outside of school. Most people will just simply argue that they cannot live without technology. These are all good points and yes because of technology, we have been able to get more work done in less time. Sure technology can do the work faster and with fewer mistakes as a person and learning how to use technology is something that everyone needs to know. However, we have relied too much on technology and the question should not be can you live without technology, the question should be, do you know how to live without technology. Today’s jobs mostly run on technology and less by humans....

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...before this year started. Do you remember just about what was going on at the time? It is unlikely that any recognition of the past would flash back to your memory unless it was monumental or important. However, one thing you would be able to retrace is whom you were talking to at the time, and even what you were talking to them about. With todays technology it makes it very easy to relive past conversations and go back to recorded moments. With modern day advances, individuals hold the ability to be able to capture a moment at anytime and share it around the world with whom they choose. We are also able to play games, entertain ourselves, see others, and talk to our friends at a single push of a button within just a couple of minutes. Technology continues to grow within industries making it easier to communicate and stay organized all due to a tiny handheld gadget. The better the technology the easier it is for people to stay connected with each other. Although there have been several groundbreaking inventions in history, it is noticed that the cell-phone has had a noticeable impact on society, especially among todays youth. With children now gaining access to a variety of these devices it is apparent that many lack basic elements in communicating. With a participant group of roughly twenty-five people, each student was asked to perform an “E-Fast” where the group would go certain amount of time restricting themselves from different forms of technology. Under the “E-Fast”......

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...Technology. Com/156 1/14/2012 By: Raymond Price I. Introduction In today’s world technology has come a long way in helping people: examples of these ways are phones, medical, internet, science, machines, engineering, computers, and social media. Technology has made the world much easier place to live in. Not only has technology made the world easier to live in, it is now much safer and more comfortable than ever. The technology field is always making challenges for us to do as we grow towards more on a everyday basis. Technology has change us many ways too. The question to ask is. Why is Technology is so important us around the world? The phones that we use in our everyday life has become a lot smarter and become more easier to use in our home or we just out and about. We use this technology over a radio link or a wave and by this we move around a wide spread geographic area. There are some variety of service and some examples of these are text messaging, emails, sending pictures, and the last one is the best part of this is having internet access. The smart phones know days come with some software and application on them to use such as some examples of this are GPS navigation, MP4, MP3 playback, and the last one is a video recording. Why would you ask question to yourself is? How come this company’s are making the cell phones smarter for to use is to help us out if a problem that came up in our life such as example having wreck with your car. There......

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