Technology in the Workplace

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Technology in the Workplace
Joshua Adams
TEC 401
May 1, 2012
Dr. Kyle Kucera

Technology in the Workplace
Technology today is probably one main key factor of every organizations success. Without technology everything would take longer and would not be as accurate. There would be a ton of people in different businesses that would be lost without today’s technology. I work in the corporate security industry, and there are many types of technology used on an everyday basis. The most important thing that is used while in the corporate setting is our radios. We also use personnel tracking systems (DNA Fusion), audio and video surveillance, metal detectors as well as an alarm system that we monitor every minute of the day. For those in the field in a guard shack or say a powerplant for instance the technology used there is a little bit different. The types of technology used in a guard shack would be x-ray vehicle scanners, computer operated gate systems and also weapons.
The duties of a corporate security guard is to ensure the safety of everyone occupying the building or its parking garages or lots, and to protect the entire property from any type of damage or trespassing of any unwanted characters. To ensure that this can be done we use radios to communicate with each other. The purpose of radios is for the safety of the guard. If anything happens during a patrol this is the only way anyone will know that the guard needs assistance. The radio is also used to communicate with the control room, which logs everything said or done throughout the day word for word in a daily activity report (DAR). The control room is responsible for radioing out the codes in case of emergencies, such as a medical emergency, a suspicious person, weather emergency or for any alarms that go off. A guard is dispatched to investigate the incident reported and always maintains contact…...

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