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Group assignments can be wonderful if all members respect each other and get along. However, if members want to do their own thing, then the experience could become convoluted. For this reason, it would be a wise decision to draft a team charter. This ensures the ground rules so that everyone on the team walks at the same pace and stays focused on the task/issue at hand.
The Visitask (2004-2009) website states, “A Team Charter is a brief written document used to define the mission and objectives of the team. The charter typically includes a statement of mission, objectives or statement of work; background; authority, boundary conditions (scope, constraints, resources, and schedule); membership; high-level requirements or specifications, and interface responsibilities.”
Therefore, taking the different individual personalities into consideration, creating and following a team charter will improve performance.
Individual Team Assessments

The highest score possible under listening skills was 75 and trust was established on a scale of one to five, where one established high faith in others.
Using the Team Charter to Improve Performance
A Team Charter reinforces the tasks and objectives of the team. It enables the team to stay organized through high levels of communication which, are critical to the team’s success.
Team Charters also focus on core strengths within the team, the team’s ability to communicate concerns, and most important, outlines the rules of interaction required for project development.
There are a few major areas of focus outlined in our Team’s Charter: Skill Inventory and Goals, Ground Rules, and Conflict Management.
Skill Inventory and Goals are critical for successful project development. Each team member plays a critical role in the assignment and a perfect blend of skills and goals makes project building insightful and…...

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