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Radio Cabs Market ‐ Radio Cabs Market India June 2012

Executive Summary
 Radio cab market is slated top grow at a rate of z1% per annum  Business model can be differentiated into ‐ different fleet – z2 and z3 g p g g  Revenues garnered for this particular sector occurs through 2 significant heads such as z4 and z5

Drivers Drivers & Challenges
– Increase in disposable income and p p g transportation spending – Influx of tourists – Demand from corporate sector – Change in mindset  Hard and soft skills’ training for cab drivers  Increasing entertainment options inside radio cabs  Radio cabs with Wi‐Fi service

– High fares – TRAI regulation on SMS cap – Unavailability of parking space


 Collaborations with other service providers marking the sector  PE investments in the sector  Technological advancements in radio cabs  Exclusive radio cabs for women Exclusive radio cabs for women

Major Players


Company 1 Company 4

Company 2 Company 5

Company 3 Company 6



•Introduction •Market Overview M k tO i •Business Model •Revenue Model •Revenue Model •Drivers & Challenges •Government Participation •Government Participation •Trends •Competition •Strategic Recommendations Appendix •Appendix


Ease of booking and quality customer service work towards shaping growth for radio cabs in the country


Radio Cab Market – Overview
• Radio cabs business have emerged as one of the fastest growing businesses in India • Demand for radio cabs is soaring in the Indian soil especially in large cities including metros where people have enough spending power to avail of such services • Governments across different states are also encouraging growth of this sector as they believe that efficient transport…...

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