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Reed McManigle’s Seminar Takeaway

‘Intellectual Property Essentials for Technologists’ seminar by Reed McManigle was very thought provoking and an eye opener. Being Manager of Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation in CMU, Reed is an expert in technologies around many different departments of the University and has an intensive experience in Intellectual Property related fields like licensing, startup firms, etc. Apart from working with two technology support organizations, he has also contributed towards authoring University's policy on startup companies (University of Pittsburgh's Office of Technology Management), launching and operating Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative and campus-wide faculty education program on technology transfer and commercialization. Starting with explaining us the term ‘Intellectual property’ and its types i.e. Trade Secret, Copyright and Patent, he elucidated the difference between them, the aspects of the IP they address and the related legal rights and issues. He explained us that patent is most used and powerful but for an idea to qualify for patent should comply with three requirements i.e. it should be novel, useful and non-obvious. Getting a patent is way to block others to use, sell or import the IP. Using some examples of the court settlements among different firms, Reed showed us how important role a patent can play in business.
Though it is quite efficient, patent has its limits too. It provides right to prevent others from practicing the invention for 20 years but discloses the methods in public. There are also several issues when the IP is related to other IPs that are already patented by others and this holds you from practicing your own invention or process. In addition there are three types of patents; Provisional patent, utility patent and design patent. Reed suggested us some research…...

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