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This is a difficult case study, and I have been receiving a lot of questions about it. I am writing a brief synopsis to Question #1. Please keep in mind, you will need to add anything else you might think is warranted and be sure to answer the rest of the case study. If you have already submitted your case study and you want to change your answers, just email me your new one. As usual any questions, just shoot me an email or text. Hope you find time to enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead.
Here’s what we know.
• 20 percent of applicants are invited for interviews
• 80 percent of interview invitations are accepts
• 15 percent of the people interviewed are extended job offers
• 50 percent of the people receiving job offers accept them
• The company’s average recruiter can process 100 recruits during a recruiting drive
• The company’s staffing timeline the last time it hired production line employees is: Application Interview Job Offer Job Offer Begin Prejob Assessment Extended Accepted Training

14 days + 7 days + 7 days + 14 days Question #1. How many people should Sweet Tooth recruit for its 50 new assembly line jobs? To answer this question, you have to work backwards. If Sweet Tooth needs 50 new hires and there is only a 50% acceptance rate so 100 people need to be offered the job. 50/.50 = 100 In order to find 100 suitable people to interview and with only 15% of the interviewees successfully being offered a job, 667 people need to be interviewed. 100/.15 = 667 In order to ensure that 667 people are interview, with 80% of all applicants who are offered interviews accepting the invitation, 834 people need to be offered an interview. In order to have…...

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