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ArcelorMittal 2011
Executive Summary The underlying challenge for human organizations in the 21st century is to build and preserve a sustainable combination/blend of economic, social, and environmental conditions in a progressive global and commercial society. However, it is a challenge that is not being met at present. Currently it is failing to meet even the basic needs of the society, or to protect its natural resources and the ecosystems that produce them, even as it creates unprecedented wealth and amenities for a few. The reasons for these failures lie in both economic and political institutions. Sustainable Enterprises pioneers established concepts and tools for implementing eco-efficiency measures and also show how to use them immediately to reap business worth. Business enterprises in turn must quantify themselves against a “triple bottom line” which includes social value, environmental and economic profit. ArcelorMittal is one such company that has implemented eco-efficiency measures and realized the business benefits.

Monitoring Systems Monitoring is a systematic and on-going activity which involves collecting, recording and reporting information. Monitoring systems for any organisation should be developed for three dimensions based on the triple bottom line. Monitoring Systems for Planet Monitoring systems and eco-tracking help to answer some fundamental questions:   What are the company‟s big environmental impacts? When and where do those impacts arise? During manufacturing, shipping and distribution? Or upstream in the supply chain? Or downstream in the hands of customers?  How do others view the company‟s environmental performance?

Sustainable Enterprises

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ArcelorMittal 2011
Following environmental monitoring systems can be used by a company to measure its environmental impact: 1. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - Every company…...

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