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Course description and outline
The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is a unique and powerful online learning program designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental concepts of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide. The overall objective is to empower learners through entrepreneurial thinking and immerse them in entrepreneurial experiences that will enable them to develop entrepreneurial skills.
Inspire, Inform and Involve
This highly interactive program enables participants to learn from the first-hand experience of successful real-world entrepreneurs. Drawing on the eight life-lessons described in the book, the program combines narrated chalkboard presentations with video interviews and case studies featuring modern-day examples of those who, like Clifton’s Uncle Cleve, have triumphed over hardship and adversity by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset.
In addition to the narrated chalkboard presentations, each lesson includes individual learning assessments, discussion topics and assignments that are designed to maximize comprehension and assimilation while encouraging real-world application of the core concepts. The course also includes access to a vibrant online entrepreneurial learning community, a virtual campus that enables participants and facilitators to share their knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and educators within their own communities as well as others across the country and around the world.
Target Audience and Delivery Options
The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program can be adapted to a variety of participants ranging from young adults through higher education and workforce development, including those who may be economically or socially excluded.
The program is designed for flexible delivery options including individual self-paced, group facilitated and…...

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...We all know when we have a good supervisor, but it can be quite difficult to actually state what makes a good supervisor good. Does it have to do with their personality, their insight, intelligence, or their personal beliefs, morals and values? Is it a mix of all these things, and do certain characteristics apply more than others? The first thing we should appreciate is that there are a huge amount of traits that need to be considered. Over the duration of the paper I will be focusing on a few select traits which I believe to be the most important in regards to being a good supervisor. Firstly, a good supervisor must be a good coach. For a supervisor to be successful, it is imperative that they have the qualities that we attribute to any normal coach. This is because a coach knows how important it is to coach their team, or in this case, employees. Successful coaching means working together with your employees to create and modify action plans and objectives. Supervisors must know how to delegate tasks between individuals, and give all the support and guidance that may be needed. On the topic of individuals, a good supervisor must understand that everybody is different, and to be mindful of this fact when dealing with his or her team members. Secondly, a good supervisor must have a positive outlook and be a positive thinker. He or she will think how problems can be solved, while maintaining an air of friendliness, so that they remain approachable, and their employees......

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...Supervisor Update Page Oracle EBS Technical Team Purpose of the tool • To give facilities ownership and visibility of their Supervisor Hierarchy • To enable the Hierarchy within a Cost Centre to be updated • To allow many people to be updated at once or just an individual employee or supervisor • Easy to update supervisor for multiple employees • Not required HRMS responsibility to update supervisor • No need to toggle between employee record • Capable to update supervisor for a particular cost center in one click Search options Select a Cost Centre to show all supervisors in it, or Find all employees with a named Supervisor, or Combine the two searches Cost Centre based search Supervisor Based search Combined Search Bulk update The Apply All button allows you to change all the employees at once Bulk Update – Even super visor can be added from other facility is possible • . Warning message will be shown, but still can go ahead saving the record. Bulk Update – If more than 10 employee with differenct facility for new supervisor, below warning show. Still can go ahead saving the record. . Single Update • Update supervisor one by one if necessary Single Update – Even super visor can be added from other facility is possible. • Warning message will be shown, but still can go ahead saving the record. Supervisor Hierarchy error – The employee cannot be Supervisor’s Supervisor or cannot be supervisor......

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...Memorandum To: Supervisor From: John Travolta-Junior Accountant Date: September 3, 2012 Subject: Challenges of Communicating Accounting Changes with Different Groups CC: Learning Team B Communicating changes of any kind can be difficult. When different groups are involved communication issues are compounded. Our firm needs to communicate changes from Standards on Auditing Statement (SAS) 115 to other accountants in the firm, key clients who may have limited accounting backgrounds, and the bookkeepers employed by our clients. We may encounter challenges in communicating with these different groups; such as the language used and inadvertent discrimination. Keeping in mind that key clients may have limited accounting backgrounds the language used in communicating the changes from SAS 115 will need to be simplified. We will need to avoid using too many technical terms so those with limited knowledge of accounting language will be able to understand how they will be affected by the changes. When it is necessary to include specialized vocabulary we should offer a definition so those with limited accounting knowledge will understand what they are reading (Lesikar, Flatley, & Rentz, 2011). A limited use of technical jargon will not alienate those groups with accounting knowledge as they may also benefit from the definitions. The language used in communications could also be misinterpreted as discrimination. We need to be aware of the language used...

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