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Travels company
Booking ID Seating Capacity
Booking Date starting Miles
Pickup Date Return miles
Return Date Price per Mile
No. of miles booked Price per Day
No. of days booked Vehicle Insurance
Deposit Vehicle Registration ID
Insurance Contractor ID
Invoice ID Contractor Name
Tax % Contract Type
Total Bill Type of Vehicles
Type of payment Contract Period
Rep ID Reviewer ID
Rep Name Reviewer Name
Rep Address Review
Customer ID
Customer First Name
Customer Last Name
Customer Address
No. of Travelers
Customer Driver License ID
Vehicle ID
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Name
Vehicle Class
Vehicle Value
Bookings (BookingID, Booking Date, PickupDate, ReturnDate, No. of Miles booked, No. of days booked, Deposit, Insurance)
Representative (RepID, RepName, RepAddress, Commission)
Customers (CustomerID, CustomerFName, CustomerLName, CustomerAddress, No. of Travelers, CustomerDriverLicenseID)
Invoice (InvoiceID, InvoiceTax%, TotalBill, TypeofPayment)
Vehicles (VehicleID, VehicleName, VehicleType, VehicleClass, VehicleValue, SeatingCapacity, StartingMiles, ReturnMiles, PriceperMile, PriceperDay, VehicleInsurance, VehicleRegistrationID)
Contractors (ContractorID, ContractorName, ContractType, TypeofVehicles, ContractPeriod)
Reviewers (ReviewerID, ReviewerName, Review)

Bookings by Representative (BookingID, RepID, No. ofDaysBooked, Commission)
Fk BookingID -> Bookings
Fk RepID -> Representative
Bookings by Customers (BookingID, CustomerID, CustomerDriverLicenseID, No. of MilesBooked)
Fk CustomerID -> Customers
Fk CustomerDriverLicenseID -> Customers
Bookings by Invoice (BookingID, InvoiceID, TotalBill)
Fk InvoiceID -> Invoice
Fk BookingID -> Bookings
Bookings by Vehicles (BookingID,…...

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...Procedure Teacher’s ActivityA. Preparatory Activities 1. Prayer“Sunny will you lead ou prayer?” 2. Greetings “Good morning, class!” “Take your seat.” 3. Checking of Attendance“Class monitors, who are absent today?” 4. Energizer“To start our day, let us first do an ice breaker. So kindly stand up.”“Let us have an exercise. I will show you the steps and you will repeat after me.” 5. Drill“I have here a basket of different fruits and vegtables. Classify whether it is divided into halves or fourths. State your answer by raising your sticks. 6. Motivation“Do you want to hear a story? ”“Alright then, I will tell you a story entitled Snack Time”. Pay attention and listen to me carefully.”SNACK TIMEOne day Sunny is playing outside when she heard her mom calling “Sunny come here quickly! I prepare some snacks for you.” said Sunny’s mom.“ I’m hungry! I’m going to eat some snacks. I’ll continue playing later.” she thought.So she went into the kitchen. She found some snacks that her mom prepared. There is a pizza with 8 slices, an apple with 4 slices, and a banana cut into 3 parts.She got a slice of a pizza and ate it. “Hmmm!It is so good! Now let me have an apple.” She then consumed 1 slice of an apple. “That apple tastes so sweet. Now let me have a banana.” She picked one part of banana and ate it all up. “Hmm... it taste a little bland. “ I’m full now. Thank you for the snacks mom!” said Sunny. Then she went back to play outside.The EndB.......

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