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22 November 2015
Stress Management in the Workplace The majority of people in the world would be immensely happier if one thing did not exist in their life: stress. What is the one thing that Americans’ have in common that causes them the most stress? It’s something that takes up a majority of peoples’ time and puts food on the table. That one thing is work. Work is a large part of why people in the United States and all across the world want to pull out their hair and call it quits. An enormous aspect of why work might be stressful is caused by the actual work environment. You can tell the difference between stress levels when walking into a newspaper HQ and walking into a jewelry store. An article called “Toward Human Sustainability: How to Enable More Thriving at Work” talks about how to create a less stressful work environment. The article gives managers and companies detailed instructions on how to lower stress and what its positive outputs in the workspace are. An issue that works against lowering stress in the workplace is the fact that Americans just are not taking days off from work anymore. A website by the name of “Project: Time Off” creates blog posts and detailed analyses on what exactly happens when Americans do not take time off. One of these analyses include “Overwhelmed America: Why Don’t We Use Our Earned Leave?” This analysis includes abundant data and explanations on how the relationship between worker and company are when relating to days off. Creating a leisurely and stress-free work environment should be the end goal of all future managers. Many college students are studying to become managers or to be higher in the business hierarchy. This means that they will have the power to implement some of these ideas into their own work environment. Studying the relationship between stress and work is…...

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