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St Georges Day

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On 23rd April, a lot of people celebrate St Georges day. Though I never understood why and who is exactly St George? There is a lot written about St George, some of it is fact but some is fiction.

Let's start with what is believed to be facts.

George was an excellent soldier and was chosen to protect the Emperor, Diocletian.

Emperor Diocletian was not a Christian, in fact he hated Christians! He order that any Christians within the Roman army should be killed!

George disagreed with the emperor and told him that he was himself, a Christian. The emperor didn't want to lose one of his best soldiers and tried to convince George to stop being a Christian. He even offered him land and money!

Time and time again, George refused the emperor's offers, saying that his Christian faith was too important to him. Eventually Diocletian lost patience and had George beheaded on 23rd April 303.

Christians were so proud of George's bravery that he made a saint. They built churches in his honour and George's story was used to demonstrate the power of faith and to convince others to become Christians.

So those were the facts. Now for the fiction.

Long ago in Turkey lived a solider called George.

He sailed across the sea to a land called Libya.

When he got there a man told him that his village was being terrorised by a dragon. Each day they had to feed a maiden to the dragon, and now only the king's daughter was left.

He threw his spear at the dragon, but it hit his tough scales and broke in two.

The dragon was furious and knocked George onto the ground!

George tried to stab the dragon with his sword but again, the scales were tough.

George escaped and ran behind a tree. The dragon took another breath to breathe out fire, George stuck his sword between his ribs. The dragon was dead!

The village was saved! George married the princess and they…...

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