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Case Analysis for

SR Corporation: Decisions for an Emerging Technology

October 7, 2009


SR Corp was formed in 1986 to develop and commercialize advanced speech recognition technology. The company's mission was to deploy a new generation of speech transaction technologies, products, and systems that could be easily integrated into telephone and computer networks. The company's goal was to become the leader in a new realm of human communications.

SR Corp was financed by private investors. For the past eight years the company focused on developing its core technologies of large-scale speech recognition systems. SR Corp based their solution requirements on feedback from large companies in their target market segment.

The solutions developed by SR Corp are targeted at three distinct niches within the telephony segment of the speech recognition market:

• Fortune 500 corporations • Telephone companies • Telephone switch OEM's

Each niche market provides both opportunities and risks.

SR Corp products have shown to be much further advanced then the leading market research firms and industry experts expected at this point in time. The company also had several other advantages including: • Seven US and foreign patents with other pending that will be in force into the next century • SR Corp technology is different then AT&T and other larger competitors • The product and solutions are distinguished by o Speaker-independent with continuous speech recognition. Internal testing proved the solution had a 98 to 99 percent accuracy rate. o Availability of an application development component, TDAS (Transaction Dialogue Authoring System), for customers to design productivity solutions in a higher level language. o Designed to be integrated at a reasonable cost into the…...

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