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Unit 9 Exercise 1 Research Software Deployment Options
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From: IT Consultant Manually gathering all files needed for distribution is a tedious job, but provides the developer full user control over what files are deployed to the target computer. One of the most common problems developers experience when deploying test software is missing or incorrect versions of file dependencies. A file dependency is a secondary file that a file requires to compile, load, or run correctly. Normally dependencies come in the form of DLLs, .NET assemblies or subVIs. It is extremely important that you identify exactly what dependencies your test software requires, as well as their versions. This can be challenging and in many cases one might need a third-party product to determine the explicit dependencies of a file.
Since it’s extremely easy to forget to include various dependencies in the deployment image, a tool that packages all relative files together for easy distribution would be nice. The NI TestStand Deployment Utility greatly simplifies this process by using workspaces and project files to collect all of the files required to successfully distribute your test software to a target computer.
The NI TestStand Deployment Utility is tightly integrated with LabVIEW facilitating the deployment of the VIs that make up your test system. One of LabVIEW’s biggest benefits is that it is inherently modular. Although LabVIEW applications can be compiled into monolithic executables, they can still be executed and maintain their modular nature as VIs. The NI TestStand Deployment Utility focuses on facilitating the collection of all necessary VIs. The deployment utility analyzes all of the LabVIEW VIs that it deploys to determine their complete hierarchies, including all subVIs, DLLs, external subroutines, run-time menus, LabVIEW Express configuration diagrams, and…...

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