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Personal Exercise Plan
Personal Exercise Plan

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Alex Etim

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Every day many people are getting involved in physical activity and due to wrong or inefficient preparation they are injured and are/or left mentally scarred. A PAR-Q is designed to keep you safe and to let your gym or trainer know any physical or mental illness that could hinder different activities and an instructor would like to know them. Do you have a bone or joint problem such as arthritis, which has been aggravated by exercise or might be made worse with exercise? | Yes / No | To your knowledge, do you have high blood pressure? | Yes / No | To your knowledge, do you have low blood pressure? | Yes / No | Do you have Diabetes mellitus or any other metabolic disorder? | Yes / No | Has your doctor ever said that you have raised cholesterol (serum level above 6.2mmol/L)? | Yes / No | Do you have or ever suffered a heart condition? | Yes / No | Have you ever felt pain in your chest when you do physical exercise? | Yes / No | Is your doctor currently prescribing you drugs or medication? | Yes / No | Have you ever suffered from shortness of breath at rest or with mild exercise? | Yes / No | Is there any history of Coronary Heart Disease within your family? | Yes / No | Do you ever feel feint, have spells of dizziness or have ever lost consciousness? | Yes / No | Do you currently drink more than the average amount of alcohol per week? | Yes / No | Do you currently smoke? | Yes / No | You do NOT currently exercise regularly (at least 3 times per week) and/or work in a job that is physically demanding. |…...

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...Chapter 1 What is sociology? * Seeks to explain, describe, and predict human behavior * Not concerned with individual human beings * Concerned with human beings in reaction to other human beings * Puts emphasis on group behavior (two or more people) (small group/large groups) * Looks at group social interaction, social behavior an influence of social structures on people How old is sociology? 200 years Why did sociology (as social science develop)? Who was the founding father of sociology? Main contributions of Sociology Early Auguste compte: Founding father of sociology, coined the word sociology How is Sociology different from other social sciences? Emile Durkheim: influenced development of functionalism 4 types of suicide by Durkheim: Egoistic: Mentally ill, lonely, social outcast, depression Altruistic: Kamikaze pilots, suicide bombers, cult members, obligation to the group, Fatalistic: Inmates, elderly, terminally ill, hopelessness Anomic: Anyone who cant deal with chaos, such as stock market crash or 1929-Insecurity Anomie: When society’s norms are questions, much social change, Society is rapidly changing Institutions are weakened, family, religion. Gender norms are questioned; values and belief systems are questioned Theory of structural functionalism 1 If a structure exists in society its because its functional, the social structure exists because it works Social structures: anything...

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