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SER515 Software Enterprise I: Practice Set #3

Assigned 11/2, due 11/10 via Blackboard submission

This assignment is to be completed individually!!!

1. Requirements Elicitation. Consider the following scenario:
“Your customer wishes to build a new web-based test-taking tool for colleges and universities. The tool will have to support a wide range of subjects (chemistry, english, nursing, religious studies, etc.) and state-specific assessment regulations for privacy. You have in-person access to stakeholders for a limited time at an upcoming academic conference, and broader access to a larger number of stakeholders via email and an online interactive social community.”
For each requirements elicitation technique below, indicate whether you think it would be useful for this project
(write a “yes” or “no” in the blank provided to the left). For each technique you answered “yes” for explain below why (in your opinion) this technique would work well for this domain. For each technique you answered no, explain why this technique would not be useful for this domain.
____No______ One-on-One Interviews
As we have limited time to interact with stakeholders, it would be difficult to conduct one-on-one interviews with each member as the number of stake holders are huge. Also a lot of conflicts may arise due to the individual interviews.

_____yes_____ Questionnaires/Survey

This would be a better option because we have the option to interact with the stakeholders via email and an online interactive social community. It helps to cover broader topics to discuss and also ambiguity in the requirements specification can be prevented. By asking a lot of questions to stakeholders a clarity on the requirements will be obtained.

______No____ Ethnography

Ethnography is not a suitable elicitation technique for this context. Ethnography involves observing the behavior in stakeholder environment. As, we have only limited in-person time with stake holders and the requirement also specifies that stakeholders will only be available for virtual interaction in the later stage, this won’t be a suitable technique

______yes____ Group Meetings / Workshops

This would be an ideal elicitation technique because we can meet all the stakeholders in a conference. When any problem or ambiguity arise, the meetings help the stakeholders to get a common understanding of the requirements specification. Much clarity can be obtained when stakeholders express their thoughts together.

__yes________ Brainstorming

This technique helps in developing a clear and concise definition of the Requirements. Here the conference with all stakeholders ensure the requirements are discussed to generate new ideas. Due to the time constraints the participants would have a precise and brief definition of requirements specification. The main agenda is to obtain as many ideas as possible within a time frame.

_____yes_____ Prototyping

This technique helps to develop tool based on vague requirements. As the solution is visible to the end user it helps to get feedback from them. Based on him feedback a better product can be developed. By this the basic functionality can be satisfied.

2. Requirements Analysis. Consider the domain description below, and construct 1 Data Model, 1 Behavioral
Model, and 1 Flow Model (SAM techniques in your notes) to capture the description. Answer this question:
Does any one of the models capture all of the domain description by itself?

Domain Description:
Your customer envisions building a simulation system for museums. The vision for this system is to use kiosks (a kiosk is one of those touchpad video monitors with audio capabilities – just a special form of computer) and the
Internet so museum-goers of all ages can “save” and “recreate” their learning experience at home. The customer thinks it should work something like this – a museum-goer interacts with a kiosk that runs the person through a simulation exercise. The kiosk saves the results of the simulation to the Internet, and when the museum-goer goes home, they are able to look up her/his simulation on the Internet site and replay it via some multimedia plugin (e.g. Shockwave, Flash).

Data Model(ER Diagram) video user




password saves name

User id
(1, n) access ss

(n, 1)


Behavioral Model(State Diagram) start simulation


Log in

select task Ready



Save to internet task on

Flow Model (Sequence Diagram)



Log in
Checking login credentials

Service request

provides information to user

service termination

success message

Information saved to internet

return control

User logs in remotely

User provided with information

3. Requirements Change Management. What is wrong with the image below? State and explain all of the possible errors.

User Story:
1. User story 2 does not have any task associated with it. If there is no task associated, then there will be no scope to test it as well as implement it.
2. For User Story 1 there is no acceptance test. This cannot be done because, user story cannot be tested without acceptance test.
3. Acceptance test should be associated with user story. So, task 3 should not be associated with acceptance test TST1.
4. A part of source code cannot be tracked with any of the user story.
5. Task 3 should be directly associated with source code, rather than via an acceptance test.
6. Task 2 has more than 1 source code associated with it.
7. As mentioned above, acceptance test should be associated with user story. So, acceptance test TS1 should not be associated with source code.…...

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