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Five ICT Essentials for Smart Cities
A Whitepaper for Business

Executive Summary
More than half of the population of the Earth now live in urban areas (United Nations, 2012).
Modern cities face many challenges and opportunities because of this. The challenges range from providing a good quality of life for citizens to ensuring appropriate socio-economic development year on year, while the opportunities can be seen in businesses becoming more efficient and innovative, to the reduction of crime through the use of ICTs in policing. The concept of making cities “smart” has grown out of the need for cities to meet these challenges and opportunities.
Based on an analysis of the literature on Smart Cities1, Future Internet2 and Open Living Labs3, this paper examines, from the perspective of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage, what the essential components are for making a city “smart”. It outlines five essential ICT elements that cities need to acquire or develop on their path to becoming smarter. The paper then comments on the non-material essentials that also make up a good ICT strategy for smart cities. It argues that along with the five ICT essentials outlined in this paper, cities must develop sustainable partnerships and cooperation strategies among main stakeholders to ensure the effective sharing of common city resources among citizens and businesses. If this is achieved, urban and regional innovation ecosystems can develop, in turn, speeding up the process of becoming a "smart city".

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Information Technology is changing the evolution of cities. The notion of




implementing correct urban planning is being replaced with the idea of making a city “smart”. The Internet…...

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