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One of the fast emerging criminal type of cases is related to child abuse. A few years back, one would have found it hard to imagine that child abuse does exist. In the recent years, there has been a considerable increase in cases related to child abuse. Not just in United States, but thousands of children, all over the world, are begin abused according to the child abuse statistics. One should look out for signs of child abuse as it can help save a child from the sufferings. If you are a teacher, social activist, grandparent, aunt, uncle, elder sibling, family friend or even an acquaintance; it is important to watch out for the warning signs of child abuse.

Child abuse is the worst form of treatment one can mete out to a child. The child is scarred for life, mentally, emotionally as well as physically. It can lead to irreparable damage to the young mind and body. In some cases, it leads to a tragic loss of young life. Ignoring signs of child abuse is a crime. If you are worried that someone you know is suffering from abuse at the hands of their parents, guardians or some other person, then make sure you seek help from authorities. If you are wondering what are the signs of child abuse and neglect, then go through the following list.

Types of Child Abuse

Child abuse is not always broken bones and unexplained bruises. There are different types of child abuse like emotional abuse, educational abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and so on, apart from physical abuse. Let us have a look at the different types to understand the signs of child abuse better.

Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse is the one when the parent or the abuser constantly shames, humiliates and belittles a child. The child is always compared with others and told he/she is worthless, bad or a mistake. The child is threatened or yelled at frequently and suffers from verbal abuse. The child is never…...

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...Child abuse and maltreatment is not limited to a particular age and can occur in the infant, toddler, preschool, and school-age years. Choose one of the four age groups (infant, toddler, preschool, or school age) and discuss the types of abuse that are most often seen in this age. Discuss warning signs and physical and emotional assessment findings the nurse may see that could indicate child abuse. Discuss cultural variations of health practices that can be misidentified as child abuse. Describe the reporting mechanism in your state and nurse responsibilities related to the reporting of suspected child abuse. Include in-text citations and references for each of the scholarly sources used. Respond to other learners' posts in a manner that initiates or contributes to discussion. Every walk of life in our society is plagued with child abuse, which comes in many forms. According to the U.S. Health Department, of the children who experienced maltreatment or abuse, over 78% experienced neglect; more than 17% were physically abused; just under 10% were sexually abused; approximately 8% were psychologically maltreated; and just over 2% were medically neglected. Culturally some rituals are considered abusive. Geographic and demographic differences can influence what is considered abuse as well. However sexual abuse is one that would not be considered socially acceptable in any walk of life. Teenage girls are most affected by this form of abuse. They are more likely than males to......

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...made to protect our children however, child abuse remains a problem. According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, 1,570 children died from abuse or neglect in 2011 (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2013). Children who are being abused believe it’s their fault as they may feel guilty, ashamed or even confused about what took place ("Symptoms-Mayo Clinic," 2003). The abuser can be a parent, relative or family friend so it makes it difficult to tell anyone about the abuse. Educators especially should pay attention for the signs and symptoms of abuse. For example, an outgoing child becomes withdrawn or chooses not to participant in normal activities. Some children display changes in behavior such as aggression, anger hostility or hyperactivity. Others may appear depressed, apparent lack of supervision or frequent absences ("Symptoms-Mayo Clinic," 2003). It doesn’t mean that a child is being abused if they display any of these symptoms. Educators should pay attention to the warning signs. Children can be mentally and physically abused. A child may report to school with unexplained bruises, fractures or burns ("Symptoms-Mayo Clinic," 2003).Some may report to school with injuries but they fail to provide an excuse that matches to the injury. No one should assume a child is being abused based one incident, however, it should be noted to the proper authorities. Educators should also pay attention to the parent of the abused child as well. The parent might......

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...Child Abuse Child abuse is a progressively rising concern in America this is has to be dealt with. Over the recent years, the problem has seemed to extensively increase pretty greatly. Child abuse could potentially decreased if we got comminutes to come together to find a solution. An initial first step to potentially helping eliminating child abuse is for communities to take a form of action, and report abuse when it occurs. Some persons may be highly aware that abuse is going on, but potentially scared to report it, even when it could be the best thing for all parties involved in the abuse. Most of the time abuse goes unreported simply because people experience mixed feelings of fear, guilt or even shame. While these feelings have a tendency to possibly get in the way of better judgment, people should and need to see through these mixed emotions and report the noticeable case of child abuse anyway. Child abuse goes unreported because a lot of the times, people do not know how to properly report it. The most frightening incident of reporting abuse could be what could possibly happen after it is reported. Once a case is reported, a social worker or doctor may examine the child or children and the family. Depends on the circumstance of the abuse. But it is a highly important aspect of resolving the problem. Ultimately the children that are hurt in the situation are afraid of the possible outcome of what could happen when the abuse is reported. There are many......

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