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Day 1
On 18th December 2009, we visited the Shramjeevi Ashram located at Vasai, Vrajeshwari. We reached there at 10 am and met the Joint Secretary of the NGO, Mr Pradeep Khairkar. Pradeep Khairkar is associated with the organisation for about 10 years. He briefed us about the NGO and gave us a brief introduction of the organisation and its achievements in the past. Then, he gave an outline of the activities that he had planned for us. He suggested us to divide ourselves into appropriate teams and work. We, then decided that irrespective of the groups that we belong to, all 16 of us would work as one team and whenever and wherever required we would help each other. Mr Pradeep then called out the kids and we started with the activities at around 11 am. The activities we had for the day were as follows: 1. Games Session 1 2. Serving food during lunch time 3. Games Session 2
Games – Session 1
In the first session of games, we played less and interacted more. We talked to girls, aksed about their family and village. We also distributed chocolates to them. We played with them, Dog and the bone, Langdi, and Tug of War. There were around 200 girls. For each activity, we distributed them in smaller teams of 10 – 20. We, being 16 people together was an advantage that we were able to manage them easily. It was a wonderful start as we were able to bring joy and smile to the faces of those small kids.
Serving food during Lunch time
The girls enjoyed the first session so much that they wanted it to go on and on, but it was their lunch time at around 1. It was already delayed by half and hour so did not want it to delay it any longer. We all washed our hands and feet and went to the lunch hall. Before the lunch, they said a beautiful prayer. We, then started serving them the food. It was again a group activity and no one group acted in isolation; all 16 of us were…...

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