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Children in modern world surf internet for lots of purposes. Among those children I am also a one person who searches internet a lot. I definitely use to search interesting videos in YouTube. Ted Talk’s in You Tube is one of the most popular lectures that all people listen. I also listen to them, there are lots of lecturers who do Ted Talk’s, and among them Sir Ken Robinson is my favorite lecturer. Among his lectures “The Shift in education” is the lecture that took my personal respect.
In this Ted Talk he talks about the culture of American education contradicts three principles that make human life thrive: diversity, curiosity and creativity. Humans naturally embody those qualities, but school has become a system based on conformity and testing, qualities that don’t use the natural learning tendencies that every child has. In this lecture he makes an argument about the individualized learning, but also for valuing teachers and thinking their skill and professional development as a future investment in children. According to him teachers should be facilitators in the class rooms instead of been instructors with which I can agree more. According to my point of view flipped classrooms helps teachers to transform their class rooms and use the time for group works and to interact with the students more.
We've probably reached an environment in which children are some much bombarded by stimulations on a permanent basis some very appealing, psychologically that the intake is just too massive from them to priorities, let alone gather everything. So they do what children do, follow their passions and whims, which coincidentally are more often than not miles away from desks and vertical speeches. I think this is a paradigm shift not just in education but in societies at large; it's a very profound change in our civilizations, the environment in…...

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