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Dosch, Robert J.
Haskins, James P.
O'Keefe, Timothy P.
Information Management Journal. May/Jun2013, Vol. 47 Issue 3, p32-36. 5p.
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*RECORDS management
*FINANCIAL statements
*DATA integrity
*AUDITING standards
*BUSINESS records -- Management
*OFFICE management
*ELECTRONIC data processing
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518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
561110 Office Administrative Services
561490 Other business support services
The article discusses how integrating the records and information management (RIM) process and Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles in the financial statement audit process will improve audit objectivity and integrity. It states that RIM professionals have an important role in the audit process as the objectivity and integrity of information are crucial to the quality of audit outcomes. It explores the framework of an external audit in the U.S. which are done in compliance with the General Accepted Auditing Standards.
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EXPLORING his article proposes that incorporating the records and information management (RIM) function and Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® (the Principles) into the financial statement audit process will enhance audit integrity and objectivity, increasing the quality of audit outcomes. Therefore, as RIM professionals define and refine the business case for RIM, their potential role in the external audit process should be included. 32 MAY/JUNE 2013…...

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