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Project Report of Service Learning

Service Learning combines community service with classroom instruction ,focusing on critical and reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility. It engages the student in the educational process, using what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems and to know about the current trends in the society as well as in the technology field which is important.
The partnerships built between community ,students and faculty shares the responsibility and gain helping the students to address to the local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to their community.
The Service Learning Project assigned was Computer-Based Awareness.
Computer Based Awareness is a specific program to train the students who are deprived from using the computers on computer software topics like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Paint and Microsoft Excel.

The Training Period started from 10.2.2015 to 13.2.1015 from 12.00pm till 5.00pm the afternoon Slot.
The venue was Hire High School, a Marathi medium-School having strength approximately 30 students in a class.
The faculties accompanied with us was Mrs.Prafulla Bafna,Mrs.Anuja Bokhare, Mrs.Barnali Goswami,Mr.Sachin Naik,Mrs.Samaya Pillae,Mrs.Shilpa Majumdar, Mrs.Shraddha.
The schedule of the training: Day and Date | Time | Faculty | 10.2.2015 (Tuesday) | 12:30pm-5.00pm | Mr.Sachin Naik,Mrs.Barnali Goswami, Mrs.Samaya Pillae | 11.2.2015 (Wednesday) | 12:30pm-5.00pm | Mrs.Meenal,Mrs.Shraddha,Mrs.Mayuri | 12.2.2015(Thursday) | 12:30pm-5.00pm | Mrs.Shardha,Mrs.Shilpa Majumdar, | 13.2.2015(Friday) | 12:30-5.00pm | Mr.Pravin Metkar,Mrs.Anuja Bokhare, Mrs.Barnali Goswami |

All the faculties and the students started by 11:30am from SICSR(Symbiosis…...

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...The two readings this week discusses the importance of examining the limitations of service learning and the need to be critical of the services provided by student. Morton criticises the widely used Starfish Hurling story where a young individual attempts to help washed up starfishes. He considers it a miseducative analogy that simplifies the intricacies of human agency or in this case the starfish, who has no voice or say in the matter of being hurled back into the sea. In conclusion, Morton finds more merit in community service and communication between the parties involved, than individual acts of kindness without dialogue between service recipients and providers. Eby reiterates a similar position highlighting that students may learn from the service learning however; he is critical of the effectiveness of the service provided on a structural level. He points to potential negative effects of service learning such as blaming individuals, neglect in mutual communication and autonomy of recipients being compromised. He points out that a good design in service learning would include balancing the agency of the primary stakeholders which consists of the students, faculty, educational institution, service recipients, community agencies and the communities involved. Firstly, Morton’s piece reminded me of Johnson’s piece on Privilege and Oppression we discussed last week. The one thing that stood out to me was Morton’s criticism of the narrative of individual acts of kindness......

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