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Tom’s confusing Role: In 1990, Tom changed his job title from being a ‘managing director’ to ‘executive software designer’. On one hand he did not want own up to managerial responsibilities and on the other he still wanted to exercise the right to supervise the directors. This mismatch of roles confused the employees about Tom’s position at Serendipity and should’ve given Anne an early sign of the buyout. In 1991, after Rick Delaney, Tom’s nominal boss was fired; Tom still refused to take the position of the software development director.
Anne over-burdened: Anne played a pivotal role in the success of Serendipity. Due to her networking with people (letters to her previous employer) and her unrelenting spirit, the company had great business opportunities. She single-handedly managed Serendipity and also adopted the role of promoting it by giving presentations at trade-shows and conferences and writing articles for computer publications. Even though she never complained, we still believe that she had more than she should’ve handled.
Tom’s misbehavior with colleagues: While Tom’s marriage was ending, he was accused of sexually harassing employees. Alan Perkins, the director of marketing in agreement with two other directors, filed these incidents and Tom was warned. With the spread of this news there was chaos in the organization, however, Tom described it as a “supportive act”. Anne realized that this could have repercussions and Serendipity could be sued. However, Tom felt betrayed by Anne, when she didn’t defend him. Anne partly blamed herself for not telling Tom earlier about how his behavior was unacceptable.
Alan – Tom spat: Tom felt that Alan did not understand the culture at the company and was destroying it. He was outraged when Alan did not invite him to celebrate the success at acquiring a new business. They had a fight while Anne was away and both Alan…...

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...your main section and any subsections, inserting footnotes in the format below.[1] Quotations of four lines or more should be indented as a block text, single-spaced and without quotation marks. The result should look something like this, and there should always be a footnote at the end of the quotation so that its source can be located easily.[2] For subheadings use italics without bold letters, ie ‘Heading 2’.) Conclusion (Replace this text with your conclusion. Your conclusion should state clearly your answer to the question and reflect critically on how successfully you have achieved the aims you set yourself in the Introduction) Bibliography Books (e.g. Blackfoot, Emery. Chance Encounters. Boston: Serendipity Press, 1987) Journal Articles (e.g. Banks, William. 'A Secret Meeting in Boise,' Midwestern Political Review 6 (1958:26-31). Online resources (e.g. The Best of the Web: Internet Sources for History. Available from Accessed 3 April 2007.) Essay Self-Assessment and Feedback Form |Please give a rating of how well you feel you have met each of the assessment criteria by putting an X in one of the three | |boxes below. 1=fully, 2=partially, 3=poorly. Your tutor will make a similar assessment and give additional feedback below. | |Have you addressed the question throughout the essay? |1 |2 |3 | |Your assessment ...

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