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Positioning: Sephora is the largest prestige beauty specialty retailer in the world.
Target Market: 25-35 year old women.
Logo: Flame
Tagline: The beauty authority


Products: 288 brands, representing over 20,000 products, ranging from prestige brands such as Lancome, Clinique, Urban Decay and Too Faced. Also carried a host of private label products in every category.
Pricing: Pricing is often identical to that of department stores.
Place: 1000 stores in 23 countries, out of which 450 are in U.S and Canada. In America, it has a retail presence in 36 states. Throughout U.S, Majority of the stores are in metropolitan areas and shopping malls. In 2006, Sephora entered into a retail partnership with JC Penney in which it became the exclusive beauty retailer inside JC Penney department stores.
Promotions: Typically involved offering samples. Also offers two discount events annually to its loyalty card holders only.

Brick & Mortar Competitors:
• Macy’s
• Nordstrom
• Mac
• Ulta

Click & Mortar Competitors:
• Birch box
• Gilt Groupe

• Vibrant stores that attracted young and chic clients
• Stores encouraged trial and experimentation of products.
• Used pull strategy for all brands as they didn't have a dedicated salesperson for each brand unlike other drugstores and department stores. * Open sell self-service retail model.

• Same pricing.
• Same products. SWOT ANALYSIS OF SEPHORA DIRECT STRENGTHS: * Largest online prestige beauty website * Beauty Insider program * Beauty talk forum * Passionate engaged customers * I-phone app…...

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