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Seneca Falls Declartion of Sentiments

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ENG 2004 Elizabeth Hart
September 2, 2010

Reading Response #1

Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments
1. Title: The title relates to the section, because it resembles the three part structure of the Declaration of Independence. The section was written in Seneca Falls at a women’s rights convention. The title also declares that the piece will be a set of sentiments, thoughts prompted by feelings.
2. Author’s Life: The women, Mott, Wright, McClintrock, and Stanton, who wrote the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiment were born in a time when women had no rights and were simply their husbands belongs. Mott and Stanton lived this discrimination first hand when they were forced to sit behind a curtain at the World Anti-Slavery Convention. From their experiences, they decided to make a change for future generations and declare that men and women are equal.
3. Response/Questions: I found it interesting that Mott, Wright, McClintrock, and Stanton chose to adamantly express that God/the Creator intended men and women to be equal. Also, the women used “he” repeatedly, showing that men were the cause of the women’s grievances and inequality.
4. Protest/Solution: The Seneca Falls Convention protested the inequality between men and women. They protested for the same inalienable rights that men were given to by the Declaration of Independence.

Henry David Thoreau from Resistance to Civil Government
1. Title: As indicated by the title, Thoreau writes against the civil government in Massachusetts.
2. Author’s Life: Thoreau was an active abolitionist. He was put in jail after refusing to pay his taxes as a protest against slavery.
3. Response/Questions: I liked how he related having his own pursuits and contemplations from the government as getting off another man’s shoulders (32). I felt this showed how people blindly follow the government even when…...

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