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Road accidents Solutions
(Case of Big Trucks)

Name: Mouhssine Nora

Introduction Road transport is an important vector in the development of Morocco.
The means of transport are an annual increase of 3% to 5% in
Corollary of economic growth. If this growth has a positive impact on development, insecurity Road remains a major problem that faces
In addition to pain and suffering, road accidents cause the
Morocco huge economic losses. According to a study by The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the estimated cost of traffic accidents in Morocco is 2.5% GDP or 8 billion dirhams per year (2000 estimate).
If current trends continue, this amount will reach 10.5 billion Dirhams in 2012. The number of fatalities projected to increase by 32% (for to about 4,964 deaths in 2012)
After this brief introduction, as we all know we have a lot of causes like Carelessness, Lack of experience and licensing, Drunkenness …. That produces this phenomenon, ESPECIALLY THE ACCIDENT THAT ARE MADE BY BIG TRUCK 15 M LONG but what is the solution offer a limited end this problem in other way what are the solutions proposed by the Moroccan Minister of Equipment and Transport ?

This report should be considered anon-exhaustive study of literature devoted to the problem definition, the different technical solutions, legal requirements which must meet these solutions and their potential effectiveness.
Here’s some action plan that should be taken to decrease accidents caused by big trucks:

For example
1 Mirrors
The various types of mirror (proximity mirror, mirror angle) can eliminate a large Series of blind spots on the right and left front of the vehicle.
The wide-angle mirrors can collect angles Dead, right and left sides, at a distance from the vehicle. The Presence of a wide-angle mirror does not exclude the obligation using a…...

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