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Risks and Resolutions


A Computer Network has many benefits to a company. However, it also puts a company at security and privacy risks if they are not tackled with a profound technical know-how. When a computer on a network is hacked, there is a possible threat to other systems getting effected as well. These security breaches can be severe to the organization information and privacy and resolve into a loss of information, leak of confidential data such as bank accounts, and loss of goodwill and trust.
Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Intro

Ping sweeps and port scans are two methods commonly used by hackers to detect vulnerabilities on computer networks (InfoSoc, 2014). Hackers use ping sweeps to check on which computers are active and being used; while they use port scan to find open ports which can be used to breach a network. If these two methods are used by knowledgeable hackers, they can jeopardize personal data and cause severe effects on the entire computer network.
Ping Sweep Ping is the abbreviation for Packet Internet Groper. It is a service to check if a machine on the network is up and running. In ping sweep, an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request is sent to a machine to see if it responds. If a machine is live, it will send an echo ICMP response. Hackers use this facility to seek targets in large networks. They use ping sweeps to continuously ping addresses, leading to a slowdown in the network. “It’s a bit like knocking on your neighbors’ door at 3 a.m. to see who’s sleeping and who’s not” (Lawrence, 2001).
Fping is a utility that is used for ping sweeps and unlike normal ping it sends one ping packet to one IP address, and then proceeds immediately to the next IP address. Fping navigates through the IP addresses from the top to the bottom, then back to the top and so on. This tool was actually made so that…...

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