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Part 1
Cells are very important things in this world weather for human, animal, or plant life. These cells are classified into two groups called Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Out of these two cells the Prokaryotes are much simpler. The main components to a prokaryote cell are the outer cell membrane, the fluid inside the cell, and a single DNA chain. (Editorial Board, 2012). Then there are the Eukaryotes which are much larger and more complex than the Prokaryotic cell. The Eukaryote cell contains the nucleus which is known as organelles. There are many known organelles such as endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, and mitochondria just to mention a few. Let’s focus on the nucleus. The main reason I am going to focus on this organelle because it is one of the most important parts to a cell. There are many analogies that can be used to describe the nucleus. One could compare this to the hard drive on a computer because such as this it holds all of the information. The computer will not operate without the hard drive to tell it what it needs to do. Now this is much like the nucleus because the nucleus’s job is to tell the other parts of the cell what they need to do. Another example could be the human brain because the brain tells the body what to do. It tells things like the muscles and the heart when they need to operate. Looking at Lynita’s analogy about the cell wall she had a great example on a fence to keep things out, which is the job of the cell wall. Now the nucleus’s job isn’t to keep things out but instead to send out messages to other parts of the cell to let them know what they need to do.
Part 2
When looking at animals or humans being able to make food for them of course they would be able to benefit from doing so. If in fact animals or humans were able to produce their own food no animal or human would have to go hungry.
Could cell tissue or…...

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