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Character types in Schindlers list:

Oskar Schindler:
Oskar Schindler, war profiteer, womanizer, and Nazi Party member, becomes the unlikely hero and savior of about 1,100 Polish Jews during the Holocaust. He is essentially a con artist and moderately successful businessman who recognizes the potential for profit in wartime. He buys a formerly Jewish-owned enamelware factory and uses bribery and ingratiation to procure military contracts to make war supplies. At the beginning of his quest to become rich, he is indifferent to the Jewish situation, which he sees as merely an unfortunate result of war. A playboy with a large ego, Schindler routinely cheats on his wife and joins the Nazi Party not for ideological reasons but because it will help him make more money. Although he purchases the factory after it has been confiscated from Jewish owners and is given an apartment appropriated from wealthy Jews, Schindler feels no remorse and does not consider the origins of his good fortune.
Schindler, initially concerned only with himself and the success of his moneymaking scheme, undergoes a change that prompts him to spend his fortune to save the lives of those he once exploited. His motive is never completely clear—and indeed, the real Schindler never revealed his motivations. However, the film does suggest that at least one of his incentives was obvious: Schindler simply could not sit by and watch people he knew be sent to death. His metamorphosis from a man of indifference to one of compassion takes place gradually over a number of scenes. His respect for his Jewish accountant, Itzhak Stern, probably has a great deal to do with his transformation, as does his witnessing of the Kraków ghetto evacuation, when he sees the little girl in the red coat. However, Schindler’s motivations may also be less altruistic: it is possible that his own ego and narcissism led him to be…...

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...One of the greatest historical novels to be written in the 20th century, Schindler’s List is a true masterpiece written by Thomas Keneally several years after World War II. The book is set during World War II when Germany was under the reign of Adolf Hitler. Keneally, an Australian based writer was inspired to write the book by Poldek Pfefferberg, a Holocaust survivor. Published in the year 1982, the book is a remarkable piece of literature that has won many awards including the Booker Prize in 1982. Keneally began his writing career as a writer who wrote ordinary books until he met Poldek Pfefferberg, the man who encouraged him to write Schindler’s List. Pfefferberg met Keneally in one of his stores and requested him to write the book, to raise awareness relating to the Holocaust system and the misery of thousands of Jews under the Nazis. At the same time, Keneally wanted the world to know about the good deeds of one man over evil. It was later made into a film in 1992, which won many academy awards as well. Schindler’s List tells the tale of a remarkable German businessman, Oskar Schindler, who with his wealth and manipulating abilities helps save the lives of thousands of Jews from being terminated by the Nazis. Keneally takes us back to 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and occupied its territory. Their extreme hatred towards the Jews forms one of the themes of this book. The Nazi soldiers were ordered to round up the Jewish families, separate the men and......

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