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In this assignments I will talk about the employability skills, personal and communication skills as well for the job advertised below.

Employability Skills.
Employability skills is your qualification and experience. This job is advertised as a supervisor. They are looking for someone that wants to lead the team and reach their targets. This job role requires at least GCSE level. Also you should have experience either as a supervisor, team leader or deputy manager as it has also been stated on the job advert. So it also requires quite a lot of experience in order to be considered for the job. You should especially have experience in the same industry. It also requires for you to have experience on leading teams before and reaching your targets. They have simple employability skills requirements for the job which they want you to meet therefore it would be easier for you to understand what they are looking for as well as preparing you for the job. They are also looking for someone that is effective in meeting targets. This is because you would have to be the team leader that will have to motivate the other staff to achieve sales and targets. They are looking for someone with a positive attitude which creates a good atmosphere for everyone and motivates all staff to make their greatest contribution and reach their targets. It also requires you to have a knowledge of products and services especially when you are communicating face to face with customers about a product or service you provide. You have to show them that you are familiar with their products or have an idea or their products and services. You are also expected to observe others and raise professional standards.

Personal and Communication Skills
As this is a supervisor role in a retail you are expected to deal with different situations which some of them could be pretty…...

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