Role of Teachers in Students' Identity

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Identity is probably the most important aspect in the entire human race, everyone wanting and craving to have or at least be said to possess certain characteristics. It is in a way a state of mind for most people, created by their aspirations and the environment into which they are. The social identity theory asserts that, people always tend to put themselves as well as others into various social categories like religion, gender, age cohort and the like (Tajfel & Turner, 1985). These categories are differentiated by their different prototypical characteristics held by the members.
Social classifications cognitively order and segments the social environment in a way such as to provide every individual with a method of classifying others. They also enable every individual to locate themselves and as such have a definition for one self. In light of this aspect, the social classifications answer the question who am I? Finally, social classifications equip every person with a way to identify themselves into a particular group (Davies 1995).
It is of vital importance to acquire a positive identity, be it by the help of friends, parents or teacher in school. This identity is responsible for one’s success in life as it motivates one towards achieving their goals. As such, a positive identity is particularly important for young children and especially the school age. It is thus important that teachers should take charge of their students, to help them develop a positive identity and thus a positive recognition, so they can define others as well as themselves and their groups from a positive perspective (Cherry 2011).
By definition, identity represents a private self of a person through values upheld, views, principles and ideals that collectively form a strong basis of personality. It is basically built around the language, beliefs and even the culture of the community in…...

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