Role of Communication in Professional Life

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...Professional Communication Week Four Assignment Chapter 4, pages 106&107 Questions 1-4 05 August 2012 Chapter 4, pages 106&107 Questions 1-4 Question One: Communication in business is important for all parts to function efficiently and effectively. For a company like the Ball Aerospace Corp. having a small margin for error on a project can be intimidating and can produce stark debates on what way is the “right way” to do something. The importance of a cohesive team for any project should be a main objective, along with getting the specifications of a spacecraft. Because, if the team isn’t working as one with the same goal/mindset then there will be dissension among the group, and that’s bad for the project. Question Two: The difference between interpersonal skills, and telephone etiquette is simply a matter of being in the same room as someone. While interacting in a face-to-face meeting like in a boardroom, a person is focused on the speaker, making eye contact, and actively engaged in what is happening. If on a conference call, often the listener is doing something else like returning e-mails or catching up on other work while the phone is on mute. The listener can be potentially reacting silently with facial gestures or hand movements in disagreement of what is being talked about. In a modern world where etiquette and respect is so abundant in the workplace working with people, the realm of behind closed doors is still a factor in how people......

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How Will Basic Business Skills Play a Role in Your Professional Life? skills play a role in your professional life? What you don't know will hurt you. As a professional it couldn't hurt to know as much information as possible regarding not only in your trade but also general business knowledge. Ask yourself, what makes a successful professional? In any professional setting their are common key behaviors, actions, and way of thinking that are universal that are used to craft yourself into the ideal expert in your career. Basic business skills can sometimes be easily looked over in this process. Business skills are vital because they incorporate a array of different skills that are important for any job type. For one people skills are critical no matter what your job entails. Public speaking, handling tense interactions, and using effective teamwork and collaboration skills with other professionals are just   a  few   traits   needed.   “Too  many   recent   grads   are  not   equipped to present the company well over  the   phone   or  in   person   at  networking   events,   new   business   meetings,   etc.,”  says   Graham   Chapman, account coordinator/new business director at 919 Marketing, a PR and marketing firm in   Holly   Springs,   North  Carolina.   “If   you   can’t   speak  [or]  present   yourself   well,   it   is  hard   to  help   a  company   drive   business.”   Proper  communication   can   be  make  a  break  a  professional,   one  can   be the guru of their field but if they have poor communication skills......

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...Professional Roles Mission Statement Name University Professional Nursing Mission Statement Many things can be learned when a person’s formative years are spent in a small town with minimal resources for the community. High on that list is an appreciation for the influence people can have on each other’s lives, for both positive and negative aspects. Speaking from the perspective of someone who spent twenty-five years of her youth living in a New Mexico village of about 3,000 people, I have acquired a desire to impact other’s lives in positive ways. Several aspects impact a community’s philosophies regarding care provision, including licensing requirements and education, ethics, professional and personal traits, and continual growth to reflect current developments in research discovery. It is my mission to provide compassionate and competent care to members of my community, as evidenced by aligning myself with care providers who share a similar philosophy of growth through continual self-analysis, research and education in the healthcare environment. My goal is to always exude the confidence and humility which creates a comfortable and healing environment. Functional Differences Nursing has long been recognized as one of the most trusted professions in the world (Saver & Alfaro-LeFevre, 2014, p. 2). Because nurses are in a profession inherent to helping people, the community expects a certain amount of dedication and obligation toward the population in general. ......

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Professional Roles, they can exhibit leadership qualities without serving in the capacity of an official role. Often the role of the nurse is overlooked by other members of the team. The role of the nurse is to serve as an advocate for their patient and to work in their best interest toward their full recovery and well-being. This can be fulfilled by displaying certain characteristics. Examples include embracing effective teamwork skills and communication and also promoting safety during planning. Effective teamwork and communication helps a nurse to display a sense of leadership and confidence in her own abilities and judgments. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, possessing these qualities will “help groups navigate competing priorities” (PS-103). Utilizing these qualities will allow groups to work in an environment of togetherness and success. This will help all positive aspects of quality and care to improve as a result of synergy and excitement in relation to success. The promotion of the “safety culture” is another way nurses have the ability to excel. Utilizing safe practice guidelines and evidenced based practices is important for maintaining the best patient care. Educating other team members when warranted can help increase reporting and can help set policy change into motion according to IHI. A nurse should be part of an interdisciplinary team in the role of patient advocate. The nurse has the most contact with the patient and will work......

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...Professional Roles & Values Project Mirella Calderon Western Governors University June 4, 2015 Professional Roles & Values Project I’ll be discussing the functional dissimilarities concerning Board of nursing and the professional nursing establishments from my years of experience as a Registered Nurse. I will also be addressing nursing code of ethics and the professional traits, nursing theory, contributions and scenarios. A. Functional Differences The dissimilarities among Board of Nursing and Professional Nursing Organization are; board of nursing is a state government’s institute that controls the practice of registered nurses and advance practical nurses in order to protect the public. Board of Nursing’s duty is to continues by monitoring licensees’ compliance to state regulations and taking action against the licenses of those nurses who have displayed unsafe nursing practice (Moby, 2011). Each state has a regulation called the Nursing Practice Act, which is necessary by each nursing board. Nurses must fulfill with the regulation and related rules in order to preserve their license. The Board of Nursing in California for example in order to renewal license the registered nurse must complete thirty hours of Board of Registered approved continue education taken within the last two years in order to have an active licenses. I been a registered nurse for about seven years now and every two years, I must submit proof to the state boards that I have......

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...Nursing is a diverse and dynamic profession, with many layers that influence how care is ultimately delivered. This paper will explore some of these influences, and outline a Professional Nursing Mission Statement, with a keen look at nursing organizations, ethics, accountability, and professional practice. Mishel’s Theory of Uncertainty in Illness will be explained as a support to the mission statement and support of my personal professional practice. Additionally, two personal anecdotes will be shared regarding the ethical principles of respect for autonomy and beneficence. Functional Difference between Regulatory Agency and Professional Nursing Organization The major functional difference between a regulatory agency like a board of nursing and professional nursing organization is that a regulatory agency governs the education and licensing of nurses; actual nurse practices on the job, and discipline if the nurse falls short of governing practices (National Coumcil of State Boards of Nursing, 2015). The rules and regulations enacted by the board of nursing, after public review, “have the full force and effect of law.” (National Council Board of Nursing Nurse Practice Act 2) In contrast, a professional nursing organization is comprised of voluntary groups of nurses which provide educational opportunities, share information, and promote the profession. (Matthews, 2012) According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website, each state board of......

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...Professional roles Lori Wilson WGU Differences between a regulatory agency and a professional nursing organization Regulatory bodies regulate professionals in the public interest while organizations advocate on behalf of members for professional and public policy matters. The government has mandated regulatory bodies for health professionals to handle professionals in the interest of the public. The body protects the public by gearing the professionals to provide safe, ethical and competent care. Some duties of regulatory bodies include registration, standards of professional ethics, continuing competence/quality assurance, inquiry, discipline and standards of professional ethics. Individual restraints direct most authorities. The mission of nursing regulatory bodies is to protect the public through regulating registered nurses, supporting nurses to meet set standards, setting standards and taking appropriate action when the given standards are not met. These bodies support nurses to meet their standards by offering resources such as education about standards, provision of libraries, and practice consultation (Hamric, et.el. 2013). The government has allowed members of an organization to determine the mandate of their organizations that serves their purposes. Organizations are majorly focused on advancing awareness of the professional contributions that can ensure better policy planning and health care pursuit. Nursing organizations......

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...Discuss several aspects of professional communication as it relates to the use of language in terms of form (e.g., clarity, accuracy) and content (culture and/or ethics). Cite the references you used to compose your response (from required readings). Communication is the basic element of human interactions that allows people to establish , maintain, and improve contacts with others .Professional communication is used to increase awareness of health issue, problems or solution and reforms knowledge , attitudes or behavior .Communication is not just practicing together , but being able to interact to achieve health and well- being of the patients . Communication is critical component of nursing practice. Generates trust between nurse and clients. It provides professional satisfaction, basis for leadership action, and means of coordination. We use many nonverbal communications with interpersonal staff and patients like the facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, postures and body language, physical distance and closeness. Professional communication requires elements of clarity, completeness, and accuracy in terms of transformation dissemination. The languages should be integrative and informative. During our course of work we speak with different health care providers and patients from different cultural diversity, we must keep in mind of their cultural thoughts and beliefs .This forms a healthy relationship between the nurse and patient . It’s ......

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...Professional Roles and Values Lorie Patzak Western Governors University Professional Roles and Values In this project I will develop a professional mission statement by fulfilling the requirements to showcase my professional development. I will discuss the functional differences of the American Nurses Association and the Board of Nursing. I will discuss provisions of the nursing code of ethics and how it has shaped my practice, along with professional traits from the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics. I will share Florence Nightingale’s Theory of Nursing and how it has influenced my nursing practice, highlighting her contributions to the profession. In conclusion, I will discuss scenarios of how I have safeguarded the principles of respect for autonomy and beneficence for my patients. A. Functional Differences The primary functions of the regulatory agency known as the Board of Nursing (BRN) and the professional nursing organization known as the American Nurses Association (ANA) are different but there are areas that overlap. Both the American Nurses Association and the Board of Nursing support the same health care issues and advocate for the same needs of nurses and patients and share a commonality to help protect the work environment for nurses while providing a safe environment for patients. The BRN is responsible for the regulation of professionals in the......

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