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JIT2 (Risk Management): Task 1A
It has been stated that, "Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning," Charles Tremper (n.d.) who authored various risk management books. We have been hired, as a consultant in our first task is to create and present to management of business contingency plan combined with risk management to our new client. There has been some concern from both the IT department and legal departments about personal identifiable information sensitive information, client records, and other sensitive information regarding the ethical use and protection of this information. Our goal is to have client confidence along with some sense of job satisfaction; therefore, our boss has informed us that we get to choose our very first client. Our selection can be the place we actually work, any local business, or even a Fortune 500 company. One requirement is that our client must operate globally throughout its business. We will exclude any proprietary information, confidential information, or anything that can be considered sensitive. No names of real people involved with the business, any suppliers, or anything else that could be identifiable will be used. Instead we will only use made-up or fictional names for this task. No actual financial data will be used but rather be addressed using vague or generic terms when appropriate. Due to concerns in the global marketplace our client has insisted upon the security of data related to information systems.
In order to address the clients request we will do the following: (A) generate a risk register that encompasses eight valid risks faced by the company, they are as follows:
(1) highlight the way one of the risks stems from our clients activities worldwide in the

Running head: JIT2 (RISK…...

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