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Her name was called. At first she was confident that she would deliver her explanation well. She walked straight to the front where everyone can see her. She was about to speak when her teacher interrupted her saying let’s take picture first with your work. She was nervous because she is in front, 28 pair of eyes was looking at her but she smiled. Feeling like a pageant winner that she wished to be. But someone shouted saying “tinatago ang taba” at first it was okay for her because she was used to it; very used to it that calling her mataba, fat, baboy and all those names never bothered her. She built thick and long walls around her, shielding her from this “fat-shaming” but today was different. She’s in front of 28 people laughing and mocking her; 28 people who she thought her own friends. She saw her friend, the blond girl, laughing her ass off. She started questioning herself, what did I do to her to receive this kind of mockery? I am one of the people who listened to her dramas in life, who lend her shoulder to cry on; the only person who never judged her even when people found out that she had sex with her on-and-off boyfriend. She also saw her best friends jeering. And at that exact moment, she realized she never had a real friend because no one stood up for her.
It took an hour for people to notice her teary-eyes and contorted face. But she tried her best not to cry in front of this fucking people who never know the feeling of being downtrodden. She swallowed the big lump on her throat and tried to explain her work without looking at them. She went back to her seat and tried to blink the tears away but she failed. She cussed and reprimanded herself. You know she hated herself. She hates how weak, fat and sensitive she is.
People, especially her friends, went to her and asked for her forgiveness including the person who started it all. She said it…...

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...late. He infuriates the Ticktockman but his clown costume makes him hard to identify. The Ticktockman becomes obsessed with catching the Harlequin, and once he does, he stops the Harlequin's heart. The Ticktockman then realizes that his focus on catching the Harlequin has caused him to fall off schedule and as a result, he is a few minutes behind schedule. That is ironic, since being on time was always the most important thing to him and his desire to kill the Ticktockman messed him up. The Harlequin can be seen as a vigilante that tries to return time to the individual. Today, we are completely monitored by the government all the time. The story takes it to such an extreme and ridiculed version of today that even your time is monitored. In all of the dystopian stories, today’s society is being ridiculed. Every single story has a scenario in which our civilization is being wrongly controlled by a higher form of power. In the film “They Live” society has become a corporate controlled civilization, similar to today where corporations have more power and money than anyone else. With their advertisements we are entranced into becoming consumers without questioning anyone. “The Machine” shows a civilization that has become so dependent on technology that they have lost their own independent thought and have become enslaved to the very thing they created. The same thing is present today, we are becoming enslaved to technology and reply upon it too much, the day it ceases to......

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...Europe’s Journal of Psychology, 6(3), pp. 46-70 www.ejop.org Is It You or Is It Me? Contrasting Effects of Ridicule Targeting Other People Versus the Self Leslie M. Janes Brescia University College James M. Olson University of Western Ontario Abstract In this paper, we describe a program of research on the topic of ridicule, which explored the differing effects of observing either ridicule directed at other people or selfdisparaging ridicule. In three studies, participants listened to humor that either ridiculed another person, ridiculed the self (the person expressing the humor), or involved no ridicule. Results in two studies showed that observing ridicule that targeted another person led participants to conform more to the alleged attitudes of others and to behave in ways suggesting a heightened fear of failure, compared to self-ridicule or no ridicule. In contrast, results in a third study showed that observing self-disparaging ridicule led participants to generate more creative ideas, compared to other-ridicule or no ridicule. The implications of these “inhibiting” effects of other-ridicule and “disinhibiting” effects of self-ridicule are discussed. Keywords: ridicule, disparagement humor, self-ridicule, conformity, creativity Ridicule is defined as “the act of making someone the object of scornful laughter” (Webster‟s New World Dictionary, 2002). This type of humor is common in modernday society. It is a staple in late-night comedy shows,......

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