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RSH, which stands for Rubin, Stern and Hertz is an investment banking company located in New York City. Peter Thomson, who was their star semiconductor analyst, announced his resignation after getting an offer from one of their competitors. Due to this reason, RSH is faced with a challenge of finding Thompson’s replacement since in the current market situation it is hard to get a star analyst ready to shift companies. Thomson was not only the company’s star semiconductor but also the particular one that it had. The company needed a high attention to the semiconductor manufacturing since his role could not be left unoccupied for long. Stephen, who was the manager of research at the company, formulated a backup plan and convinced Rina Peter’s junior analyst to stay in the business and he promoted her to be a senior provisional analyst (Matthews, 2012).
However, Stephen was still faced with a difficult task to hire a permanent replacement for Peter from outside or to offer Rina a permanent deal. The corporate norm of the company was unusually firm in its research sector. The senior research analysts usually began as a junior analyst and later promoted. Various analysts of the company supported each other, and there was no competition between them. The investigators worked and spent much time exploring on other firms in their zones and came up with contrarian opinions on shares. The company’s culture was among it top competitive benefits since the teamwork steered to greater company exposure (Yanarella and Green, 1990).
Despite the company’s culture of promoting a junior analyst, in the situation of Peter’s replacement, it was difficult. Even though Stephen had succeeded in convincing Rina to stay at the company, he never found her a right option to replace Thomson. Stephen thus went ahead to involve a recruiter to help him get the proper…...

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