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Studying Religion Paper
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World Religious Traditions II
Rafael Frim
October 19, 2015

Today, there is a vast variety of religions and beliefs all around the world. These Religions may have similar and different views and beliefs, but at the end, despite the differences in religious, cultures and practices, certain fundamentals in religion remain the same. The following paragraphs will discuss the essentials in the practices and beliefs for a tradition to be called religion, the commonalities of the three Western religions, how do different fields of study approach religion and some critical issues in the academic study of religion.
All religions share the same essential element, the sacred or the holy, is not palpable and cannot be seen or explained by language, it is beyond humans’ imagination. Although they share the same sacred, they may differ in their traditions, organization, and beliefs. Traditions are the grounds and organization in each religion. Some of the key elements found in these traditions are the beliefs, practices, and structure. The Believe system, also known as a worldview, is a group of beliefs that explains the human being place in the universe. The Ethic Rules specifies how the community should live by, and establish how followers should behave based on their beliefs. Myths are the stories that support the religion held as truths are fundamental to their beliefs. A supporting element of religious traditions that help support these truths is sacraments. Sacredness is the way the followers worship and fathom their beliefs into reality through various ceremonies. In these ceremonies, believers pray to connect with their God and at the same time alleviate the characteristic emotional experiences typically associated with religion like dread, guilt, and inner peace. Praying is one of the most…...

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