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For me, insecurities are made by the society. Society dictates what you should be. You should look like these to be considered beautiful, you need to have these number of friends to be popular, you only need to weigh these pounds to be thin and etc. The society puts on these standards about looks. And women tend to compare their body to these standards and gets insecure. Thus, insecurities affect self-esteem because the more insecurity you have, the chances of having low self esteem rises.

As a youth of today, I think we need to teach women how to love their own body. They need to understand that beauty comes in different sizes and shapes. They need to love their body and accept all their flaws. There would be people who would keep on judging you because of your looks, but it is up to you if you would agree and let them do that. I also think that it’s time for society to stop transforming people’s perspective. Because the way society does it, changes our lives. We keep on judging other people because they are not society standard. These judgments can make a person insecure. But we should always remember that we are created in God’s image and likeness. God made us and saw that it is very good. Don’t let insecurity ruin the good thing.

See. There are a lot of women that are insecure in this world. These usually occur when they compare their selves to other people. When they are insecure, it affects their perception towards other. They would tend to think negatively that they are not good enough for other people and that they are nothing. These happened because of the standards the society dictates. Discern. This situation should not be happening if it weren’t for the standards of the society. This is wrong because we are created in the image and likeness of God. We were created having different color, built, shape and height. But regardless of that, we need to…...

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