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Project Name: Red Zuma Project
Subject: Red Zuma Project Resources and Resource Assignments Introduction: This part of the project deals with identifying and assigning resources and resolving over allocation of resources.
Part A 1. Over-allocated Resources
As per the resource sheet, resources that are over-allocated are as follows: * 4 Marketing Specialist * 4 Design Engineers * 4 Industrial Engineers

2. Resolve Over-allocation of Resources
Assuming that the project is time constrained, resolving over allocation by leveling slack leads to following changes:

* Slack time from following tasks is used up for resource leveling. WBS | Task Name | Original Total Slack | Slack after Resource Leveling | 1.3 | Manufacturing Study | 10 | 0 | 1.5 | Detailed Marketing Plan | 179 | 134 | 1.6 | Manufacturing Process | 55 | 0 | 1.9 | Lab Test Prototypes | 9 | 0 |

* The four Marketing Specialists are no more over-allocated. * All the tasks having slack (in the initial schedule) have been re-scheduled for resource leveling.

3. Impact of leveling within slack

The ‘Manufacturing Process task’ and ‘Lab Test Prototype task’ do not have slack and are now on the critical path. Since more tasks are on the critical path as compared to the earlier network, it has become more sensitive due to leveling within slack. 4. Resource Constrained Implications

Based on the current resource allocation and no time constraint, the project will take 310 days for completion. The project will be delayed and would end on Wed 3/22/17 instead of the original end date of Tue 1/10/17.

5. The new duration is 50 days more than the original schedule. Resource constraint can lead to critical delays in the project. Sometimes resource over…...

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