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Recruiting a Manager
Jerri Ogilvie

Recruiting a Manager

When recruiting a new manager for a new department it is important to look for several things such as integrity, honesty, and communication skills. It’s important to ask questions and look for those key characteristics. Without a proper evaluation and consideration, a candidate may not be the best option for the position. It is a good idea to prepare a performance profile. (Adler, 2006) 1. Can you tell me about a time in a previous job where you have been asked to organize, plan and execute a particular project?

This question will revel real life situations the candidate has been placed in, by asking this question it opens up numerous opportunities for follow up questions which can be used to judge how if hired this candidate would perform in our environment. 2. While you were in charge of the project you mentioned what particular obstacles did you have to overcome and how did you overcome them?

This follow up question allows more insight in to the candidate’s ability to take charge of a situation and will allow us to understand the logical thinking process of the candidate. As it is a direct follow up question based on their first answer it can also assist in determining if the answer to question one was a real scenario or a made up one for the interview process. 3. Can you tell me about a particular instance where an employee you are responsible for has been struggling with a particular aspect of their job? And what did this mean for you?

This question gives us great insight into many different characteristics and the work ethic of the candidate. How did he/she address performance issues with employees? Is the strategy of the candidate something that would be a good fit with our business? This question also gives us insight into if they…...

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