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The Record Store: Information Systems Proposal
Erick Clark
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BIS 220

My business partner and I are considering starting a small, brick and mortar, nostalgic record store. My business partner, however, has not had much experience with information systems or technology and needs a basic understanding of the different types of information systems available to businesses. For our business to be an effective business, we must use the necessary tools and technology. According to the reading, “ Computer based information systems is an information system that uses computer technology to perform some or all of its intended tasks. There are many different types of information systems, but the five basic information systems are: hardware, software, network, procedures, and people. The hardware is the equipment you purchase that makes up the physical part of the computer. Hardware may include the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, external microphones, and etc. The software are the codes or programs that the hardware uses to process data. The network is the connectivity that provides a link of exchanges of data between different users. Procedures are instructions that navigate users to combine all the other information systems to produce an effective product. People are the users who use the software through the usage of hardware.
Microsoft Word would be a great feature to use to start our nostalgic record store. Word assists in the daily production of activities in the workplace. Microsoft Word will allow my partner and I to draw up business propositions, contracts or budget reports. Microsoft Word has an advantage to provide the user to use templates. The templates will benefit us to make other documents that we need for our business so that we can save time instead of fully recreating the document. In Microsoft Word we can make tables and input an…...

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