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The seminar will give an overview of representative American literary works in their cultural context from the colonial period to the end of the nineteenth century.
• Regular class attendance and participation • Presentation on a chosen theme • Weekly reading log (if you miss more than two weekly entries, your entire work fails) • Essay of 2 500 words due May 9, and its oral presentation.

Calendar of meetings and assignments
| |Themes, authors, primary texts |Critical reading |
|Feb 8 |Introductions | |
|Feb 15 |The Puritan Imagination I |IAS: “New Founde Land” |
| |From: Mary Rowlandson: The Sovereignty and Goodness of God. |CHLUS: “Jonathan Edwards […] and the Great Awakening |
| |From: John Winthrop: A Model of Christian Charity. | |
| |From: Jonathan Edwards: Personal Narrative. | |
|Feb 22 |The Puritan Imagination II. |IAS: “New Founde Land” |
| |Anne Bradstreet: “The Author to Her Book,” “The Prologue,” “Upon the |CHAP: “Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor” |
| |Burning…,” “To My Dear…” | |
| |Edward Taylor: “Huswifery,” “Upon a Wasp Chilled with Cold,” | |

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