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Title of Radio Programme: ‘Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy’ Format: Adult Contemporary (Oldies) Time of Show: Drive (4.00 pm- 7.00pm)
I. SPACE Radio’s Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy show aims to help people to get their mind off work/school and bring back 'the good old days' feeling with the help of hit adult contemporary songs from the 60s to 90s. The overall idea of the show is, by tuning in, listeners can put their stress and problems aside and relive their font memories from back then so that they can end of the day with a good note. It is a very chill and relaxed radio show, where listeners are able to let loose and interact with the DJs during the different show segments where it is further elaborated on.

II. According to Robert Fontenot (Fontenot, 2016), Adult Contemporary (Oldies) is pure pop oldies from 1961 to the birth of soft rock in the early 70s. AC as it is understood today features the lighter side of the radio, but the classic sound of AC remains lush 60s pop, often vocal-based and rooted in traditional European styles. The genre generally targets people of 30 years and above, where they can enjoy their favourite hits back in the day in this generation. However, it also targets the younger generation because it makes them appreciate the good old classic songs that their parents love.

III. Research on local and overseas radio shows (With the similar time format)

Local: Station | Language | Genre | Name of Show | 883 JiaFm | Chinese, English | Adult Contemporary | 娜么有铭(We are That Famous) | Gold 905 | English | Classic hits, Oldies | Homestretch | Kiss 92FM | English | Adult Contemporary | John Klass | Warna 94.2FM | Malay, English | Adult Contemporary | Adi 3-6 Puluh | Class 95FM | English | Adult Contemporary | Cartunes | Capital 95.8FM | Chinese | Classic hits, Oldies | 下班生力军(The Get-Off-Work Army) | Love 97.2FM | Chinese, English | Adult Contemporary | OH YAY |

Overseas (Malaysia): Station | Language | Genre | Name of Show | Capital FM 88.9 | English | Adult Contemporary | The Jam Break | One FM | Mandarin Cantonese | Adult Contemporary | Happy Hour | 988 FM | Mandarin Cantonese | Adult Contemporary | 有一个节目叫GOOD SHOW(There’s Programme Called Good Show) | Lite fm | English | Adult Contemporary | The Lite Drive | Fly FM | English | Adult Contemporary | 4 – 8 With ZHer | Asyik FM | Malay | Adult Contemporary | Retro 68 |

What they have in common: They emphasize a lot on making their listeners' journey back home from work better and trying to enlighten the mood due to peak hours and traffic jams.
What makes 'Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy' different: Apart from making them let their hair down after a long day, this show is also about going back time and bringing back the good times because people love sharing their stories. By doing this, it evokes good feelings and releases endorphins, which is a 'feeling good' chemical released on the body. In other words, this show makes people happy by sharing their personal favourite stories on air. This show is also a distraction from all the traffic that the listeners are facing during peak hour.

Proposed Show Segments: Name of Show | Type of Show | Description | Have a Break, Come and Chit Chat | Call-in | This is where listeners can call-in and chat with the DJs about any topic they favour. It can from sharing a joke to giving out shout outs to their love ones. Free and easy for both the listeners and DJs. | Remember When… | Talk Segment | This light-hearted segment is where the DJs talk about typical childhood memories like favourite childhood snacks, games, movies and etc. This gives the older listeners a good chance to ‘relive’ their favourite moments as a child and have a good laugh about it. As for the younger generation, they get to educate themselves about what their parents experience when they were younger because they will never get to experience the same things as their parents. | Keeping Up with Tech | Contest | This prize-giving segment about technology is to get the older generation more interested and hyped up about technology and keeping up with the trends. Simple technology-related tasks like posting a funny picture and tagging SPACE Radio’s twitter account could be given to them to do in order to win some prizes. However, this segment is for the older generation to take part only. What can the younger generation do is to guide their parents or even grandparents to complete the tasks. |

Proposed Radio DJs: John Klass from Kiss 92FM. The award winning music artiste John Klass has a very good entertainment background since 1991, allowing him to get the title of Singapore’s Number 1 Drive Home Show. With his cheerful and funny personality, listeners will be very comfortable and is perfect for this segment and time format.

Jamie Yeo from Gold 905 FM. With her acting and hosting background, alongside with her very joyful personality which is a perfect fit for this particular time of the day, where people are most probably stressed and annoyed about the crowd and traffic around them. She will definitely be able to bring the listeners’ mood up. Other than that, she does daily ‘perkies’, which is, her trying to take the listeners’ mind out of the gutter, on their way home.
Radio Clock:

Programme Rundown:

No. | Start Time | End Time | Duration | Segment | 1 | 0:00 | 0:20 | 0:20 | Top of the hour | 2 | 0:20 | 2:54 | 2:34 | Song #1: The Twist by Chubby Checker | 3 | 2:54 | 4:24 | 1:30 | Show Segment: Introduction to Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy | 4 | 4:24 | 4:29 | 0:05 | Sweeper | 5 | 4:29 | 7:09 | 2:40 | Song #2: Tossin' and Turnin' by Bobby Lewis | 6 | 7:09 | 10:08 | 2:59 | Song #3: Honk Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones | 7 | 10:08 | 13:53 | 3:45 | Show Segment #1: Have A Break, Come and Chit Chat (Call-In) | 8 | 13:53 | 18:55 | 5:02 | Song #4: Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry | 9 | 18:55 | 19:00 | 0:05 | Bumper | 10 | 19:00 | 19:20 | 0:20 | Weather Updates | 11 | 19:20 | 19:25 | 0:05 | Sweeper | 12 | 19:25 | 22:12 | 2:47 | Song#5: Sugar Sugar by The Archies | 13 | 22:12 | 25:42 | 3:30 | Show Segment #2: Remember When… (Talk Segment) | 14 | 25:42 | 25:47 | 0:05 | Bumper | 15 | 25:47 | 30:34 | 4:47 | Song #6: Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack | 16 | 30:34 | 30:38 | 0:04 | Station ID | 17 | 30:38 | 31:08 | 0:30 | Commercial Break: | 18 | 31:08 | 31:13 | 0:05 | Bumper | 19 | 31:13 | 34:30 | 3:17 | Song #7: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor | 20 | 34:30 | 38:09 | 3:39 | Song #8: You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone | 21 | 38:09 | 38:14 | 0:05 | Sweeper | 22 | 38:14 | 38:29 | 0:15 | Public Service Announcement | 23 | 38:29 | 38:49 | 0:20 | Traffic Updates | 24 | 38:49 | 39:19 | 0:30 | Commercial Break: | 25 | 39:19 | 42:49 | 3:30 | Song #9: The Way We Were by Babra Streisand | 26 | 42:49 | 47:36 | 4:47 | Song #10: Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees | 27 | 47:36 | 51:36 | 4:00 | Show Segment #3: Keeping Up with Tech (Contest) | 28 | 51:36 | 51:41 | 0:05 | Sweeper | 29 | 51:41 | 56:03 | 4:22 | Song #11: I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder | 30 | 56:03 | 56:08 | 0:05 | Bumper | 31 | 56:08 | 59:08 | 3:00 | Show Segment #3: Keeping Up with Tech (Reveal winners) (Contest) |…...

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