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1. English review.
اللهم لا سهل الا ما جعلته سهلا وانك تجعل الحزن اذا شئت سهلا.
What's your number phone? 2. I don’t have any money. 3. I'm going to visit my father next week. 4. Abdullah is the best student in his class. 5. Have=had \ come=came \ buy=bought go=went \ read=read \ forget=forgot 6. He (doesn’t \ didn’t ) drive, he takes a taxi. 7. Last weekend he (buy\bought) some nice oranges. 8. Oranges (are\were) reema's favourite fruit. 9. Omar answer the question correctly . 10. The lion roared loudly . 11. The students listened carefully . 12. The parrot flew quickly out of its cage. 13. You didn’t come shopping with me. 14. Find=found-didn’t find. 15. Break=broke-didn’t break. 16. Sleep=slept-didn’t sleep. 17. At six o'clockthis morning I was having my breakfast. 18. Ambulance \ bandages \ traffic lights \ burglar=thieves. 19. Davey flew out of the widow. Nina's mother couldn’t stop him . 20. Yasser couldn’t do his homework because he was at hospital all night. 21. Could reema speak English when she went to England ? yes, she could. 22. Singular: I was \ you were\ he was \ she was \ it was. 23. Plural: you were \ we were \ they were. 24. We're using too much electricity. 25. We're driving too many cars. 26. We make too much paper. 27. Too many people are driving and flying. 28. Be careful, Omar. You're carrying too many books. 29. Turn the light off! We're using too much electricity. 30. Fewer: car \ spaceship \ tree. 31. Less: oil \ paper \ electricity. 32. What animals (fahad saw\fahad didn’t\did fahad see) at the zoo. 33. Where (reema left\reema didn’t leave\did reema leave) her bag? 34. Wood rots naturally. 35. A notebook's made of paper. 36. A pencil's made of wood. 37. A widow's made of glass. 38. What's…...

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