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Strain Theory

A community program in Reno, Nevada that is designed to help those less fortunate is called the Children’s Cabinet. The Children’s Cabinet was founded in the mid 1980’s by a local businessman that had a goal in mind to get public officials and prominent business leaders to help address some of the issues facing lower income families. This is a private non-profit organization designed to help educate parents, juveniles and younger kids how to stay safe and families together. This organization also helps teach children how important education is and to live a law abiding life. If a child comes from an abusive home, they will help remove the child and find a safe place for that child to go. The motto at the Children’s Cabinet is each child has the right to lead a safe and healthy existence which will promote their capacity and opportunity to become responsible, productive adult citizens (
The Children’s Cabinet offers many different services for the public; child care subsidy assistance, child care referrals, child care support, improving child care. Programs also available is family and youth interventions, helping with run a ways or abducted children, homeless, truancy issues, tutoring, gang prevention, Washoe County Juvenile Services, and credit recovery, also family violence prevention.
The Children’s Cabinet is sponsored from donations from the community and volunteers work in the offices to help maintain the free services needed to low income families. Because it is primarily designed to help educate it is usually smaller groups getting together for the support they need to get through the tough times they are enduring.
The Children’s Cabinet is there to help those in need of assistance and will educate them to know how to make the right choices for a better law abiding life.


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