Professional Knowledge: the Key to Success

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In the search for career success gaining professional knowledge is something that should continue even after completion of a degree program. The insight from professionals already working in a student or graduate’s chosen field is a valuable tool that students should not overlook. Classrooms and libraries, professors and classmates can educate students in the rules, vocabulary, and basic mechanics of a career, but it is only through the professional knowledge acquired through the professionals, working day-to-day in the field that the students will achieve career success.
In a profession with a constantly changing list of required abilities and knowledge base, a motivation to become a lifelong learner will aid in the management of career goals and lower the stresses attributed to ever-changing demands (University of Phoenix, 2010). Joining or looking into professional organizations or associations related to a particular field can provide access to the knowledge needed to continue the learning process long after a degree is obtained.
As a student working toward a degree in accounting or a professional accountant looking to tackle changes in methods or required abilities, the American Accounting Association would be a place to go to gain professional knowledge. The American Accounting Association (AAA) is a voluntary collaborative of professionals and professors committed to maintaining excellence in the education, research, and practice of accounting (American Accounting Association, 2010).
The AAA website has an area called “the commons” that is a collaborative community which students of accounting, practicing accountants, and others can come together to share their knowledge (American Accounting Association, 2010). This area is useful not only to students researching topics for class but also for active accountants who want to continue to gain professional…...

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