Professional Dilemma

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Professional Dilemma
Yona Mcmillan
GEN/480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course
June 20, 2016
Jennifer Baker

Professional Dilemma
In life, many people will experience a professional dilemma in the workplace. How we handle it, reflect on our ethics. In this paper I will explain my professional dilemma that I have experience in the workplace with a co- worker. I will describe my experience, ethical issues I have encountered, and the outcome of the professional dilemma before I started the University of Phoenix.
The Experience
I have been employed with my company for ten years and before someone is hired we are required to sign an employee handbook which contains the company policies, procedures, benefits, and other programs. In signing this manual, each employee agrees that they have read and understand the company policies. If employees break, any of this policies will result in termination.
As an Assistant Property Manager, I handle all of the accounts payables and is responsible for entering and taking checks and money orders to the bank. If I cannot make it to the bank, I have a safe that I put the money in (all employees have access to the safe). One day at work I walked in on my April taking money orders out of the safe, and I asked her about it. She responded that she was checking to see who paid their rent so far. She put them back after being approached.
This was unusual because we have reports that provide us with this information. I seem very suspicious that she only was interested in the money orders. I felt that had a duty to report what I saw, but I could not prove she was taking to steal the money orders. Two weeks past and a resident came in and handed me four money orders Friday at the end of the day. I put them in the safe to deposit them on Monday morning.
When I came back in the office on Monday, the money order was gone,…...

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